Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Wednesday ‘BushWhack’ing

TBWA thinks that Gov. Palin ‘kinda doesn’t matter.’

  • After the Bush(whacked) Administration-approved bailout went down in flames earlier this week – along with Sen. McCain’s credibility, HAH! – the Senate is now offering up their version, which includes Sen. Obama's idea of raising FDIC insurance caps for bank customers from $100,0000 to $250,000… (Note to McCain: this is how you lead. You create ideas and talk them up; you do NOT try to make a political statement by suspending your campaign. Seems to me that Obama is ready to lead and McCain would rather look like he’s leading)
  • A new USA Today/Gallup poll shows that a scant 27% of Americans approve of “President” Bush, the lowest rating of his presidency in this poll, a sharp decline from the last Gallup poll that gave him 31%... (and yet, I’m still waiting for that ‘turn-around’ that his staff talked about at the beginning of the year… think they still believe that??)
  • CNN’s Roland Martin; “Time for Palin to put up or shut up.” (Yes it is… after being coddled by the McCain campaign, she’s about to be released on an unsuspecting public tomorrow with her debate against Democratic VP candidate Sen. Joe Biden. Stay tuned)
  • More fear-mongering as a study done by Canadian researchers (???) has been released that says traffic accidents spike on Election Days… (Sigh… who commissioned this study, republicans?)
  • CNN Headline that just screams snark; “Sarah Palin mum on what she reads” (Wow… SOOOO many ways to go with that. I could say something along the lines of; ‘probably because she can’t read and sit at the same time’…or ‘Foreign Policy for Dummies,’ or ‘anything as long as it was made into a movie.’) Oh, she also told Katie Couric that she represents “new energy.” It’s anyone’s guess as to what the hell she means by that…
  • And have we mentioned? That a new bumper sticker being sold by perfectly sums up this election season? In an attempt to, in the words of the company’s president, Howard Lefkowitz, “make the campaign a little more tolerable”, the site has created a marketing campaign that includes a bumper sticker that reads; “Vegas: Because you need to be drunk to make it through this election.” (I oh so need to get me one of those…)


Howard said...

The nation already is skeptical about the fairness and objectivity of the mainstream media regarding election coverage ... so, why in the world is Gwen Ifill the debate moderator, when she is writing a book about Obama? The moderator in a debate ... especially one of this importance and magnitude ... should be seen as completely fair, objective and above reproach. This is a terrible choice, and could easily have been remedied by choosing from hundreds of other more objective potential moderators. I can imagine the outcry if Michelle Malkin, or Ann Coulter was chosen as the moderator for the first Vice Presidential debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. FURTHER MORE ... Everyone knows that Roland Martin is in the tank for Obama ... and regarding his call for Palin to either 'put up, or shut up' ... for millions of Americans, we still feel that Obama never adequately explained why he chose to spend TWENTY YEARS in Jeremiah Wright's anti-American, racist, black liberation church, which gave a life time achievement award to Louis Farrakhan, and Obama only quit the church due to public outrage and personal ambition.

Dan said...

No one really knows whats going on. You've got Middle Class people on one side screaming NO-Bail OuT!!
And you've got politicians on the other side trying to make us feel that a bail-out is necessary in order to keep the economy moving and stop it from grinding to a screeching halt.
George Bush comes out to make an announcement to tell us that the sky is falling 10 days into a major economic crisis, after having said that "the economy is fundamentally sound" and that the "economic condiitons were only in our heads."
No one has a clue, because they NEVER had a clue. They road a wave and provided the impression that they knew what they were doing. But now, when the shit hits the fan, they point fingers, and no one is willing to step up to the plate to take the heat for substantive error at a time when we truly need to find out what is precisely the qoute/un-qoute "problem."
I think it reeks of political posturing in a GOP blackmail attempt to make us all vote Republican this year, or else the sky will fall.
I have an idea... let's all jsut keep debating back and forth and fighting about what we should do for the next four months... and when Barack Obama walks into office on January 20, 2009, CONFIDENCE IN THE AMERICAN CONSUMER WILL BE IMMEDIATELY RESTORED, BECAUSE THE LOOMING THREAT OF THE IMCOMPETENT BUSH ADMINISTRATION AND THE FAILED CONSERVATIVE GOP REGIME WILL BE GONE FOREVER!

Anonymous said...

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Thanks! Erica