Monday, October 06, 2008

The Monday ‘BushWhack’ing

Over the weekend…

  • Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sen. Biden and his family regarding the death of his mother-in-law
  • Seeing that their chances of winning in November are getting slimmer by the minute, the McCain-Palin campaign has a new strategy; questioning Sen. Obama’s character rather than worry about the issues… (It’s time for me to say this; if this country elects John McCain and Sarah Palin, we will get exactly what we deserve… if people are going to listen to character attacks instead of policy and ideas, then fuck ‘em… if people are stupid enough and narrow-minded enough to only pay attention to that clap-trap, let them get McCain and let them get four more years of Bush-like policies and see what happens to the economy THEN. And Palin’s stupid-ass weekend claim that Sen. Obama associates with terrorists should not only get everyone’s blood boiling by the sheer crassness of it all, but should prove that this woman is NOT FIT to be a God-damn Governor, let alone VP)
  • Even though the McCain campaign is pulling out of Michigan, Obama camp says it has no intentions to scale back operations… good for them. We keep hammering away, McCain will get more desperate…
  • Over the weekend, Obama surrogate Sen. Hillary Clinton appeared in place of Sen. Biden on the campaign trail and threw out this zinger at McCain; “He's not a maverick. He's a mimic.” Nice… thanks Ms. Clinton; keep it up.
  • And have we mentioned? That over the weekend, Vice President Dick Cheney spoke at the North American Wildlife Policy and said that the Bush(whacked) Administration has championed wildlife preservation in their eight years? (Um…okay. And what color is the sky in your world Dick?)

And today, TBWA doesn’t count Afghanistan as our “neighboring country”, but Palin does…

  • Despite the bailout signed by “President” Bush Friday, the Dow has plunged more than 300 points this morning on fears that the global economy is swirling around in the toilet…
  • Sen. Obama is dead-on when he says that the McCain campaign’s current attacks are nothing more than an attempt to divert voter’s attentions away from the issues
    The attorney’s for Alaskan Sen. Ted Stevens (r) are once again asking for a mistrial. (Never have I seen a more half-assed job of prosecuting than what’s happening up north… get your act together guys)
  • The rnc wants an audit done of Obama’s contributions. (Fine… only if the DNC can do the same to McCain’s campaign…)
  • CNN headline that sends shivers up my spine; “Election could decide future of the federal courts” (EEP)
  • Gov. Palin made a big deal about Sen. McCain’s health care plan during the VP debate but wasn’t able to offer up how they would pay for it. Well, one of McCain’s aides has, saying he would pay for his health plan with major reductions to Medicare and Medicaid. Nice… let’s screw the people with Medicare of Medicaid just so McCain can cut $1.3 trillion over 10 years to the programs and keep his plan ‘budget neutral’… need more proof that he doesn’t care about the people?
  • And have we mentioned? That following her performance at the debate and Couric-interview, some of Palin’s fellow-conservatives are worried about her lack of, shall I say, intelligence? David Brooks on CBS’s Face the Nation put it best when he said yesterday; “I don’t think she’s qualified to be President… I prefer someone who’s read a few more books.” (when Brooks start cracking wise on your lack of knowledge, it should be a sign to forgo the hunting-from-helicopter thing and maybe read a book, a magazine or a newspaper…I’m just sayin’)

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