Monday, October 13, 2008

The Monday ‘BushWhack’ing

Over the weekend…

  • The axis of evil is getting shorter by the day as the Bush(Whacked) Administration has taken North Korea off the terror list, something that has upset quiet a few conservatives including Sen. McCain
  • Gov. Palin got booed at the Philadelphia Flyers’ hockey game while dropping the ceremonial puck…
  • The investigator appointed by the Alaska Legislative Council to examine Palin’s involvement in Troopergate released his report late Friday (throwing it out with the trash) and is shows that Palin “abused her power.” Despite that finding, the McPalin campaign released a statement reading; “Today's report shows that the Governor acted within her proper and lawful authority in the reassignment of Walt Monegan. The report also illustrates what we've known all along: this was a partisan led inquiry run by Obama supporters and the Palins were completely justified in their concern regarding Trooper Wooten given his violent and rogue behavior.” (Give me a break… first of all, it was a bi-partisan board with more republicans than Democrats. Second, it clearly says she DID abuse her power, yet the campaign somehow finds that to mean she didn’t do anything wrong. It must be so nice to live in one’s own world…)
  • After a Georgia congressman compared the feeling at recent McPalin rallies to those of segregationist George Wallace (which he later claimed were “misinterpreted”, McCain immediately responded and said that it was a “brazen and baseless attack.” (Brazen, yes. Baseless, absolutely not… since his campaign has taken on a new strategy of ignoring the issues, each rally has been more akin to a clan rally than a political rally… and McCain’s feeble attempt to dissuade his supporters to not do it was met with hostility towards McCain himself. As I’ve said, the McPalin campaign is going down a dark road and better be prepared to accept some responsibility if the unthinkable happens)

And today, TBWA will “whip” something, we just don’t know what yet…

  • The Dow is soaring
  • Sen. McCain says he will “whipSen. Obama’s “you know what” in this week’s final debate and an aide proclaimed today as “turnaround day.” (Game on. If Obama has been holding back, now is the time to open both barrels on McCain’s pompous, senile-ridden ass. While I don’t think this election is over by a long shot and we still need to be mindful, all this rhetoric coming from the McCain camp right now is a clear sign that they’re scared)
  • Former republican strategist Ed Rollins says McCain’s campaign is following Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy… and by that he means “divided.” (And he’s right… and that’s good for us as we all know how well Clinton’s campaign was…)
  • CNN Headline that screams banality; “Ohio less predictable in hard economic times.” Well, thanks for taxing your journalistic skills there, who would have ever guessed that a state that gets hit economically harder than most would be un-predictable during an economic crisis. Who exactly is CNN reporting to?
  • And have we mentioned? That “President” Bush says there’s a “lot of work to do” before he leaves office? Yeah… why start working NOW after 8 years of doing nothing… Bush had grandiose ideas of how his presidency would end, he wanted to leave on solid economic grounds (ain’t gonna happen), he wanted a Mideast peace deal built around the outlines of Palestinian state (ain’t gonna happen), he wanted to rid North Korea of its nuclear arms (is taking them off the list actual progress or a legacy-saving maneuver?), he wanted Ito have an agreement with Iraq governing the presence of U.S. forces after December 31, but since the two sides are hung up on legal jurisdiction for U.S. troops and contractors, that ain’t gonna happen either. Bush was an abject failure in the presidency, and I am almost certain that he will go down in history as one of the worst, if not THE worst, president ever… and his lack of actually doing anything will be a testament to that…


Rachel said...

If it all comes down to Ohio the Democrats are in trouble. I know people from Ohio and their parents who are life long union Democrats have said they would never vote for a black man. It's ridiculous but true. They are old, poor and stupid. I hope they prove me wrong and the smart people in Ohio come out in massive numbers.

Anonymous said...

Just like we never imagined Iowa choosing Obama, I don't imagine we have need to base this outcome on what choice Ohio makes.

But "if" ...Talk about "Trick or Treat". Then, imagine, Palin having to take over!!!

Would this mean all Democrats will be viewed as "Arabs" like some conservatives think. Maybe by gosh darn golly.

Okay, now I need a drink.