Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Fallout Begins

After a day of flying around the blogosphere, the hatred being brewed by the McPalin campaign (intended or not) is FINALLY getting attention from the traditional media.

Consider this scathing editorial from the NY Times this morning;

It is a sorry fact of American political life that campaigns get ugly, often in their final weeks. But Senator John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin have been running one of the most appalling campaigns we can remember. […] Ms. Palin, in particular, revels in the attack. Her campaign rallies have become spectacles of anger and insult. "This is not a man who sees America as you see it and how I see America," Ms. Palin has taken to saying. […] Her demagoguery has elicited some frightening, intolerable responses. A recent Washington Post report said at a rally in Florida this week a man yelled "kill him!" as Ms. Palin delivered that line and others shouted epithets at an African-American member of a TV crew.

About time… even if the mob-inciting is unintentional, their silence about it speaks volumes and people need to be made aware of it… thankfully the Fourth Estate has decided to do their job.

Unfortunately it will probably be short-lived as I’m sure the news cycle will be full of inane celebrity news before the end of today… but try to enjoy it while you can.

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