Monday, October 20, 2008

The Monday ‘BushWhack’ing

Monday already… son of a—

  • As Traders geared up for testimony from Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke later this morning, stocks rallied this morning as investors welcomed signs that the lending market is improving after weeks of global efforts…
  • Sen. McCain loves being an underdog (and his past campaigns reflect that, which is one of many reasons I continue to tell people to NOT get complacent… we haven’t won anything yet)
  • While Sen. Obama’s campaign announced that they had raised $150 million in the month of September, they were also celebrating an endorsement from former Secretary of State Colin Powell (which Scott wrote about HERE)…
  • Note to McCain; Obama isn’t a Socialist… and the majority of Americans probably don’t even know what a Socialist is anyway, so perhaps you should get some new talking-points. On second thought, keep yapping about that, it can only help us in the end.
  • Good article on CNN (relax, it’s not really by CNN personalities but rather Stuart Rothenberg)… give it a read HERE.
  • Four words; Obama. Rally. 100,000 people… ‘nuff said!
  • A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that 52% of Americans say that McCain’s choice of Palin as his running mate has made them “less confident” in the kind of decisions he’d make as president, up 13 points since Palin’s selection was immediately announced… (which means that the more people hear her speak, the more they think she was the wrong choice. Could you imagine what that percentage would be if the McCain campaign had actually allowed her to, you know, give interviews to people outside the Fox “News” sphere of republican influence?)
  • And have we mentioned? That Minnesota republican Rep. Michele Bachmann is trying to back-pedal so hard, she may lose her seat? Appearing on MSNBC’s Hardball Friday night, she responded to Chris Matthew’s question; “…So you believe that Barack Obama may have anti-American views?” by saying; “Absolutely. I’m very concerned he may have anti-American views.” Well, since then she’s been showered with criticism and has seen her Democratic Congressional rival, Elwyn Tinklenberg, raise $640,000 in that short time. Yesterday she appeared on a local CBS affiliate and denied she ever called Mr. Obama’s views “anti-American”… but as you can clearly see; she did. This isn’t the first time Bachmann has said something glaringly stupid only to have to backtrack after it pisses her constituents off… hopefully all of them remember her inane comments and vote her out of office next month if an aptly embarrassing fashion…

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