Sunday, October 19, 2008

You gotta give the man a lot of credit

This morning on "Meet the Press", former Secretary of State and retired General Colin Powell endorsed Senator Obama for President.

While this is a huge blow to the republican party who were hoping for party loyalty (aka: lemming like following) from Sec. Powell. It should also be a big wake up call to the right side of the aisle that something is seriously wrong with their candidate and his stand (if you can call it that) on the issues.

I don't want to hear commentary about his making up for his speeches to the UN to justify the invasion of Iraq. History has shown that Sec. Powell and many other high ranking officials in the Bush(whacked) Administration were given false information from those in even higher positions in order to 'make the case' for Bush's vendetta. For that, Sec. Powell cannot be faulted.

Sec. Powell has made it clear that not only is he a man of integrity. He is capable of clear, independent thought and beholden to no one. His reasoning is sound and he is putting the good of the country above all else.

Which is something that everyone should do on Election Day.

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