Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Thursday ‘BushWhack’ing

Question to Mr. Greenspan; “Credit tsunami”? Really?

  • Sen. Obama continues to draw parallels between Sen. McCain and “President” Bush, saying yesterday that McCain would continue “the policies that have put our economy into crisis and, I believe, endangered our national security.” And he’s right… while McCain and his handlers continue in their vain attempt to distance themselves from the current administration, the facts show otherwise…)
  • Sen. McCain is invoking Joe the Plumber in Florida in an attempt to ‘woo’ blue-collar voters. (I, personally, don’t understand the McCain campaign’s strategy here. Joe has been a disaster for the campaign and yet they continue to raise this concept of him that has, for all intents and purposes, been disproven. Am I missing something? Or is the McCain camp hoping that voters are truly that gullible?)
  • News flash; Karl Rove is STILL a tool
  • CNN’s Jack Cafferty wants to know why so many voters are still un-decided and asks; “So what’s the problem? Maybe if you haven’t figured it out by now you should not be allowed to vote” AMEN Jack! Amen!! I’ve been saying that for years…
  • “President” Bush’s push to “loosen mortgage loan qualification standards for first-time homebuyers” helped cause the current financial crisis… and if you’re shocked about that, then you just haven’t been paying attention…
  • Allen Raymond, a former gop strategist and operative who is in a federal prison for pleading guilty to charges that he jammed the phone lines of New Hampshire's Democratic Party on Election Day six years ago. Now? Now Raymond has written a book that outlines how he rigged the election and how others could rig an election… (his mother must be so proud)
  • And have we mentioned? That FEMA is apparently a very slow learner? Despite having these problems with post-Katrina trailers, a CBS investigation recently found that FEMA-trailers issued to Iowa flood victims has high formaldehyde levels. Ever the agency of stupidity, FEMA’s responded to the CBS investigation by blaming the residents for creating the formaldehyde by “cooking” or “smoking.” (What?? Are you friggin kidding me??? Levels won’t be raised THAT high by cooking or smoking, two things, by the way, that occur everyday in thousands of trailers worldwide. One of the first acts the new president needs to do, be it Obama or McPalin, is to dissolve FEMA and start over… or at the very least get FEMA out from under the Department of Homeland Security umbrella…)

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