Friday, October 10, 2008

The {Abbreviated} Friday ‘BushWhack’ing

TBWA & the World are being “savaged by a dead sheep.”

  • Market in Turmoil”… well, thanks for that uplifting headline CNN, nothing like fueling the crisis with hyperbole.
  • “President” Bush will speak about the economy this morning well, I feel better already (he said, his eyes rolling).
  • Congressional leaders are asking Bush to meet with G-8 leaders well, I feel better already (he said, his eyes rolling).
  • Sen. Biden to Gov. Palin: “Don't lecture me on patriotism” (it's on...)
  • Less than a month until the election and Sen. McCain’s mortgage plan is pissing off conservatives. (Nice… keep it up Mr. McCain, it can only help us)
  • Because we haven't mentioned him yet, I'll throw this out there; Sen. Obama is in Ohio this morning and just said that the US "can meet this moment" and restore the US economy. (When he speaks, I believe it. When Bush/McCain/Palin speak, I don't...
  • And have we mentioned? That ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) may soon be falling from the tree? The Liberal organization is facing allegations of filing fraudulent voter registrations in Indiana after the first 2,100 (of 5,000) registration forms were found to be bogus with names of the deceased (“The dead have risen and they're voting Republican!”), restaurants (Jimmy John’s? Seriously?) and all with an identical signatures. (DUMB. ASSES! This is NOT what we need… we don’t need some group – whatever the intentions may have been – forging and falsifying forms, and thusly casting ANY voter registration drive into a dim light, this close to the election. If it does come out that ACORN falsified registration forms in Indiana or other states, the people responsible should be held accountable and charged with a federal crime… nail their asses to the wall if needs be. This is NOT the way to win…)

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