Friday, October 17, 2008

Now it must be told

Since the debate I have resisted the urge to get involved into the whole 'Joe the Plummer' (or JTP for you acronym lovers out there) nonsense (related to Charles Keating, not registered to vote, incorrectly registered to vote, a McCain plant, etc).

But now…with this coming out and JTP acknowledging it, I felt I need to post something about it.

As every Liberal blog and its brother said yesterday, Joe Wurzelbacher's complaints about Sen. Obama's tax plan didn't hold water as, contrary to what Wurzelbacher said, neither his personal nor business taxes would rise if the Obama tax plan went into effect.

Per CBS News, now JTP is acknowledging this fact, saying; "I would, if you believe him, I would be receiving his tax cuts."

Interesting…isn't it?

This whole Joe the Plumber think stank from the word go, whether it being the fact that he makes FAR LESS than the $250,000 or the fact that he now, albeit reluctantly, admits that Obama would lower his taxes.

Like far too many republicans (IE: ALL OF THEM), it seems that Joe has a habit of, well, we’ll call it stretching the truth.

Let’s review (or vet since McCain didn’t seem to do it) the facts; he only makes $40,000 a year. He doesn't have a valid plumber’s license in the state of Ohio. He’s only been a "plumber" for 6 years and not 15 as he earlier said. He never finished his plumber courses. He never apprenticed as a plumber. He can't afford to buy his bosses business that generates $100,000 a year in profit and NOT the $250,000 he claimed. He’s a registered republican. He owes over a $1,000 in back taxes and, the big one; he would receive a tax cut under Obama’s tax plan.

And despite that, he still plans to vote for McCain… and this perfectly epitomizes the face of republican ignorance and self-defeatism; voting against your own best interest because of a lesser reason. The fact that he would still vote for McCain after realizing that his taxes would go down with Obama simply defies logic and appears to come down to the unspoken fact that he won't vote for the guy who will help him and his family because.....shhhhhh..... he's black...

And now that he's spent his usefulness (which depends on your interpretation of the whole JTP episode), the McPalin campaign is ready to throw him away.

Imagine that….he's outlived his propaganda efficacy and then promptly gets thrown overboard; who would have EVER seen THAT coming from the McCain campaign?

It's so hard to express sarcasm in the written form sometimes.

Joe should rethink his vote… if he voted for Obama he would likely see his taxes decrease, and then with the money he would save under Obama's tax plan, Joe could… I don't know; apply for his plumbing license or pay the back taxes he still owes.

I'm just sayin'…

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