Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Politicians in glass houses… etc, etc.

The McPalin camp wants us to believe that Obama has associations with Bill Ayers, a 60’s radical with the Weathermen… never mind that Obama was all of 8 years old when Ayers group committed those crimes.

This is guilt by association because Obama and Ayers were on the board of a charity together.

Imagine if all of us were guilty by living in the same neighborhood and working in the same place as a questionable person…. would that mean that we are all guilty by association and proximity?

Give me a break…

And what of McCain? Do you really expect the American people to believe that in their years of public service, they’ve never been associated with someone whose reputation was less than stellar.

Come on John, surely you can name one {cough cough – Keating 5 – cough cough}…

And you Ms. Palin; you’re associated with a group that wants Alaska to succeed from the US… you’re also associated with a pastor that’s said some pretty radical things himself… and yet here you are, throwing stones when your glass house (or should I say ‘igloo’) is chock-full of the same.

If the McPalin camp wants to open this war, then it’s up to the Progressive Blogosphere to strike back on behalf of the Obama campaign.

Starting now.

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IludiumPhosdex said...

And let's not forget the farce laid on by the Alliance Defense Fund, setting up test cases challenging Tax Code provisions as prohibit direct endorsement of political candidates by churches in particular--which will likely backfire upon them.