Tuesday, October 28, 2008

101 Reasons to Vote Against John McCain: 70-61

No ado, 70-61

#70: John McCain represents the third term of Karl Rove. Steve Schmidt is the latest person to be at the top of the campaign - another name involved with McCain who worked closely with Karl Rove.

#69: John McCain gives us double-talk on Iraq. He says on the one hand, we gotta keep it going with no timetable. Then, more recently, he says we'll balance the budget by winning the war in Iraq and getting the troops home.

#68: John McCain flip-flops on immigration. First he applauded a clear route to citizenship, now he's changed to a "fences-first" stance.

#67: John McCain's Gas Tax Holiday is a joke. Virtually every economist has shot down McCain's idea of a gas tax holiday. It just won't work!

#66: John McCain's top economic advisor thinks the poor economy is just a 'mental recession.' Phil Gramm called America a 'nation of whiners.'

#65: John McCain says the war in Iraq is not related to the war in Afghanistan. Barack Obama pointed out that the Senator from Arizona is dead wrong.

#64: John McCain has slammed Obama for only attending one Afghanistan hearing...but McCain's even more guilty! The Arizona Senator has not attended any committee hearings on Afghanistan.

#63: John McCain supports the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy in the military. He believes the anti-gay policy is working.

#62: John McCain needs a geography lesson. He brags he's been to Iraq so many times, but he said Iraq borders Pakistan. Look at a map, John....there's a little country called Iran in between.

#61: John McCain isn't fit to be commander in chief. He lost five Navy aircraft during his flying career.
Tomorrow, 60-51

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