Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Guest Post

Good Evening all, it's Scott, and tonight I have the pleasure of bringing you a guest post from someone just as snarky and full of attitude as me. Who is this you may be asking..??? None other than my better half, the person who keeps me in line....which is no small task ! That's right, my wife. Okay, I'll shut -up now.....

Whatz the deal with...

I just don't get it. I have some very educated and enlightened (or so I thought) friends. They sit on the "other" side of the table, and yes, you can take that as Republican. But when it comes to libeling an individual with baseless accusations and rogue rumors, they just BLINDLY forward me their lemming crap.

You guessed it; I am fighting an onslaught of Barak Obama urban legends and Muslim rumors in my inbox.

At first, I politely respond, asking them not to believe everything they read in an email or on the internet...as things have a way of getting twisted...not stating one side of this political debate or another. Just a friendly...you know..."you might want to check out what you just sent me, because it's not really true" response to their emails.

This polite and non partisan reply seems to have back fired on me. The more I politely respond and cite fact to their incorrectness, (thank you Scott and Kemp for all your assistance with this...) the more crap they send me. I mean I must have gotten 10 emails after lunch today from one person alone!

I throw my hands up in the air in surrender. I am just deleting these emails now without responding as 1) it gets me nowhere and 2) it's taking to much (of Kemp's and Scott's) time-of course not to mention mine. {Side note-I am starting to be able to find stuff all by myself...}

Now, here's the question to ponder and pose to our Republican friends...Do you see a bunch of baseless and wild McCain internet rumors just flying through our emails? Hmmm, I think the answer to this is...um...NO! What I do see: facts and figures about McCain's voting record and constantly contradicting himself.

And to my dear, Christian ultra-conservative friends- please remember his adulterous affairs prior to marrying Cindy-oh and dare I mention that Cindy is one of his adulterous affairs? I consider myself a Christian and I'll admit to lean toward the conservative side of the fence, but when I hear Christians spouting out that they can't vote Obama on their Christian prinicples, they'd better take a GOOD look at the candidate they want to back. Mr. Squeaky Clean, he ain't.

I also see Gov. Palin's Trooper-gate, pregnant daughter (look at pictures of her from February...she looked pretty preggers there...timing very interesting to Sarah's baby, but I digress), and her husband Steve, who seemed to "take advantage" of Sarah being the Governor. This coupled with the fact that she can't talk intelligently in an interview (think Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson here), has proven that she's "not ready for prime time".

I think our Republican friends are a tad scared of having an educated man of color in the white house. So, to fend this off, they feel the need to take quotes from his book totally out of context and add their own wildy frightened take on it and send it out in an outraged email, hoping that everyone believes that Obama is a MALE MUSLIM EXTREMIST. (That's one of my favorite emails of late...gotten it more times than I can count and, yes, I just made it a race issue-GOP lemmings did when then sent me the MME stuff.)

Am I overreacting? I don't know. But one thing that raises my hackles are the lies that go around unchecked and are blindly believed as fact. I ask that when you vote (Obama), you do it as an educated voter, not as an emotional voter. Emotions wax and wane, but the facts are always there.

Okay, I'll step off my soapbox for now......


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying what I have been thinking. I keep getting emails from people I know spouting all these outrageous things about Obama. The lemmings as you call them ( Nice one) must be afraid and are resorting to outright lies and scare tactics. How pathetic.