Monday, October 27, 2008

The Monday ‘BushWhack’ing

Over the weekend…

  • After visiting his gravely ill grandmother, Sen. Obama got back on the stump Saturday
  • On Sunday Sen. Jon Kyl (r-AZ) appeared on CNN’s Late Edition and made the outrageous claim that claimed “President” Bush’s economic agenda had nothing to do with the current financial crisis while insisting defiantly that Bush “doesn’t run the economy”…riiiiiight... so I guess it wasn’t Bush that initiated massive tax cuts for the wealthy, which have contributed to record inequality and historic deficits and debt, and it wasn’t his administration that gutted several financial regulations that helped plunge Wall Street into its current mess. Apparently Kyl has drank so much Bush Kool-Aid that it’s made him blind to the obvious.
  • Karl Rove and Bill Kristol threw Sen. McCain’s campaign staff under the bus for the failings of his campaign… calling them disloyal and ill-serving. (If Rove wants to see the primary reason for the collapse, he should look in the mirror. If the rumors are true and Rove steered McCain to Gov. Palin instead of Joe Lieberman or Mitt Romney, Rove is as much to blame, if not more, than McCain’s staff…)
  • One also needs to look at McCain himself to find out how the wheels came off. Over the weekend a rumor about Obama broke when a New York Times story made the unsubstantiated claim that Center for American Progress President John Podesta had written an inaugural address for Obama. Rather than wait until people could verify it, McCain used it in a stump speech in New Mexico to rally his supporters. Podesta himself and the NY Times have said the story was NOT true but rather than admit he was wrong, which I think the 2000 version of McCain would have done, McCain has ignored it the problem.
  • NBC News’ Brian Williams said that the McCain campaign “steered” the media to the Ashley Todd story. Over the weekend, Todd said that she was upset with the media for blowing this into a political firestorm… (give me a break Ms. Todd. You created the story, you created the aftermath, you created the fallout. There is NO ONE to blame for this but yourself… your misguided attempt to help the McCain campaign backfired, and you deserve what ever criticism you receive)
  • Gov. Palin is a diva, but you already knew that, didn’t you…

Monday, already??

  • CNN worry-mongering headline of the day; “Wall Street Keeps Dropping
  • The corruption trial of republican Sen. Ted Stevens is expected to get back under way today with an alternate juror.
  • As the campaign comes into the final stretch, Sen. Obama plans to give ‘closing argument(s)’ this week that describe the differences between McCain and himself while stating that he is the only candidate who can restore “our sense of common purpose, of higher purpose.” (It's pretty damn clear who the only choice for president is. With his running mate choice, McCain has proven he cares more about the office than the country. He assures us of four more years of Bush-style politics, and a never-ending presence in Iraq. The clear choice...the ONLY choice... is Sen. Obama)
  • And have we mentioned? That the U.S. military has given Iraq an ultimatum? The US told the Iraqi government that it will shut down military operations and other vital services throughout the country on Jan. 1 if the Iraqi government doesn’t agree to a new agreement on the status of U.S. forces or a renewed UN mandate for the American mission in Iraq. Iraq’s vice president, Tariq al Hashimi, said that many Iraqi politicians see the ultimatum as “akin to political blackmail.” Perhaps, but maybe it will finally force the Iraqi government to actually, I don’t know, DO something…


Lefty1129 said...

And did you see McCain on Meet The Press yesterday...? When asked about Colin Powell's endorsement for Obama, McCain said he was dissappointed... and then talked about the 5 Secretarires of State who did endorse him...but he could only name 4 at first and had to interrupt Tom Brokaw to blurt out the fifth. Geez...folks we do not want this guy running our country!!

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Powell. He endorsed Obama because he is black!
Liberals need to get real. Easy credit and de-regulations started from Clinton administration and got worse 2 years ago when democrats took the house. Obama was also part of the circus to make it easy for low income people get mortgages they could not afford.
To lefty1129:::::
Don't use we. You have only one vote so let others decide who they want to vote.

Kemp said...

Well Anon... a LOT of people care about Powell's endorsement.

And even if the basis of his endorsement was about race 0 which it wasn't and which you would be able to see if you used your own brain and didn't repeat what the other lemmings say - what does it matter? You still have a former SOS that still considers himself a republican backing a Democrat.

It's the conservatives that need to get real and see the mess that 8years of Bush have brought upon us and how 4 years of McCain would lengthen the mess.

Anonymous said...

Hope history will not repeat.
Obama would be worse than Jimmy Carter. America's image damaged with jimmy's liberal policies.
The word America became a joke for the world during Carte’s era.
Maybe you are not old enough to remember the embarrassment jimmy Carter and his liberal party caused for Americans.
President Regan restored America and had a lot of clean up to do after Carter left (kicked out ) office.

The Intellectual Redneck said...

The polls show McCain is closing the gap in this last week of the election. We just need to keep pointing out Barack Obama's radical connections and socialist veiws.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that the left wing blogs are still allowing people with differing views post.

The right side has all but shut down their side. Guess that hate and fear filled rhetoric doesn't need us "liberals" diluting it.

You want a good reason not to vote for McCain? Go over to right wing blogs and read the material posted there. If that stuff doesn't shake you to your core, something is seriously wrong with you.

Obama/Biden '08

Anonymous said...

If McCain/Palin win the White House, what good will it be?

If the nastiest, dirtiest, most erratic campaign mounted in the 21st Century
(and even though it's only a few years old, that is saying something),
can triumph over the most obvious leader to emerge in decades,
what hope does our nation have?

What direction would a McCain/Palin administration take us?
Do you think that they even know themselves?
Have you noticed that the color scheme of the McCain campaign
isn't even red, white and blue? It's blue, white and gold. Which USA is that?

All I hear from the McCain/Palin camp is "Barack this," and "Obama that."

What I hear from Obama is "We can do this," and "we can fix that."

I say, let's vote for hope, change and a continuation of Democracy.
4 more years of Reaganomics will turn us into