Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Thursday ‘BushWhack’ing

TBWA thinks that Dana Perino should “get back to work.”

  • As the US ponders buying bank shares to help shore-up the economy, stocks jumped at the opening bell today but any optimism quickly faded and stocks headed lower… (Good thing we passed that bailout, huh? It’s reaping HUGE dividends… it’s so hard to express sarcasm in the written form…)
  • A draft version of a new National Intelligence Estimate s circulating that comes to the conclusion that Afghanistan is in a “downward spiral” while casting doubt on the Afghan government’s ability to quell the rise in Taliban influence. Not surprisingly, it’s the Bush(whacked) Administration’s fault as the CIA has documented the worsening violence for almost 2 years and most and they believe the White House has taken too long to respond to the warnings… (this should not come as a surprise to anyone with the ability to use their own brain. Afghanistan was forgotten the day the US invaded Iraq while ignoring the fact that the Taliban were allowing al Qaeda to base its operations there… hopefully whoever wins the presidency (VOTE OBAMA!) will refocus on the TRUE war on terror and deal with Afghanistan rather than make up for Daddy’s shortcomings…)
  • The McPalin campaign still doesn’t get it they continue to attempt tying Sen. Obama to Bill Ayers despite the fact that Mr. Obama was 8 years old when Ayers was helping run Weather Underground AND voters clearly don’t care and are, in fact, turned off by the hostility.
  • The incompetence of the prosecution continues to be shown in the case against Sen. Ted Stevens (r-AK). The judge presiding over the case delivered a “sharp blow” to the prosecution’s case yesterday by throwing out two key pieces of evidence. Announcing his decision, the judge faulted prosecutors for knowingly introducing false documents relating to work done on Stevens home. (Dumb. Asses. How does it feel guys to totally screw the pooch on prosecuting one of the dirtiest senators to ever serve? Your ineptitude is mind-boggling)
  • A lot of political analysts think the situation is ripe this November for Democrats to achieve a 60-seat filibuster-proof majority in the Senate due to the current economic crisis, a pathetically unpopular president and a continuing unjust war. (All fine and good, but I’ll believe it when I see it… and if things go according to plan in November, we won’t even need to worry about a veto-less Senate. Having said that, nothing is final yet, and we can’t stop fighting for November)
  • And have we mentioned? That SCOTUS is hearing a case that juggles national security with environmental concerns? The case in hand is trying to decide if the U.S. Navy is doing enough to protect whales from the underwater sonar tests it conducts. After environmentalists forced major changes in the Navy’s annual offshore training earlier this year, “President” Bush issued an emergency waiver to allow the exercises to go on without the filing of an environmental impact study before a lower court ruling blocked the use of sonar. The justices seem split about the issue and a judgment is possible within the next few months. Stay tuned…


Howard said...

First Obama claims that over a TWENTY YEAR period, he never heard a single anti-American racist sermon from Jeremiah Wright … never noticed the anti-American racist literature in the church’s lobby … never agreed to the ‘Black Values System’ that all the church members swore to … never subscribed to the Marxist ‘Black Separation Theology’ espoused on the church’s website … never knew anti-American racist Louis Farrakhan, who the church awarded a life time achievement award to … and, never knew unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, when Obama launched his campaign from Ayer’s living room, sat on a board together, and whose wives worked at the same law firm. Obama also worked with Acorn, who has been caught in massive voter fraud, in behalf of Obama. Obama obviously shares an anti-American racist, and criminal philosophy with some very unsavory people, continues to lie about it, and does not have the character, or integrity to be President of the United States of America !!!

Kemp said...

Get some new material Howard... we're not buying what your peddling.

To put another way: give it up.

A question; why come here if you don't agree with our opinions? Go over to redstate and frolic with the other lemmings that will be going over the cliff next month.

Dan said...

I think it's hilarious that people like Jerry Bader, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck are talking about this "Bradley effect" thing...
because if it has come down to this, I'm pretty happy that they are relying on an old and outdated "Bradley effect" for Mccain to pull this one off, or use as a cover for them if the fix is truly on. I think that this is a testament to the power of the Obama campaign and the supporters who are desparately fighting to get this country back and save this fragile democracy.
It may even be a reverse Bradley effect, because Rednecks who are only thinking in terms of voting for someone who advocates for gun rights, are thinking twice, because of states like Iowa (who are 95% for Obama) and predominantly rural white Americans who are also gun owners, are making these rural backwoods Rednecks think twice (past their biases) about what it is Obama truly represents = meaning they would like to see themselves have jobs, as opposed to being footsoldiers in a Mccain draft.
The bottom line is, everyone benefits under an Obama administration, while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and die off in several warfronts under a Mccain administration. He's senile, and might leave this mess to Sarah Palin!!!

Think this through... it's an easy decision folks.

O '08

PureGrace said...

Who is Obama and what does he stand for. No one knows. Should we judge him by his questionable relationships? He says not. But what we do know is that his plan, as he describes it, is to increase taxes on the middle class and small business owner, and to redistribute our money as he sees fit (I now get to choose the charities and associations I support). We also know - as he embarassed us in Berlin - that he will stand first as a "citizen of the world." George Soros finally found a candidate who could succeed - an attractive and talented orator, who will systematically dismantle our American democracy and American capitalism.