Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Tuesday ‘BushWhack’ing

TBWA is ‘big and strong’

  • Sen. Obama is briefly suspending his campaign in order to fly back to Hawaii to see his gravely ill grandmother…
  • At a rally in Florida yesterday, Sen. Hillary Clinton urged supporters to “close the deal” and back Obama…
  • He won’t say anything publically, but it’s a safe bet to say that Sen. McCain is reeling from Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama not for the endorsement itself, but rather have precise Mr. Powell was in admonishing the McCain campaign.
  • A new CNN/Opinion Research poll shows that Americans are angry and 75% of those surveyed said things are going badly in the United States and they’re worried over the state of the nation…(Did we really need a poll to tell us that? Things right now are not good; the economy is in the crapper, we’re in an endless war and a forgotten war, we’ve lost our standing in the world, and our presidential campaign has turned into a mud-slinging contest. Is it any wonder Americans are pissed? The next president, whomever it might be – Vote Obama – has quite a challenge on his hands…)
  • The trial of Alaskan senator Ted Stevens is winding down
  • Do you remember in the final debate when McCain accused Obama of supporting ACORN and said that ACORN is trying to disrupt democracy and commit voter fraud? Well, people in glass campaigns shouldn’t throw stones as it’s been revealed that his campaign has directed $175,000 to the firm of a republican operative that was just accused of massive voter registration fraud in several states… oops.
  • Mark Zandi of Economy.com says that 27 US states are in recession and 14 more are near recession... meaning that a majority of US states are now either in or are “dangerously close to recession.”
  • And have we mentioned? That Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is spouting ridiculousness abroad again? A month ago Ms. Rice said the ‘fundamentals of the US economy are strong”, repeating an oft-used McCain talking point. Despite the collapse of a few major corporations, a bailout and repeated calls for another economic stimulus package in the last few weeks, she told the BBC yesterday that the economy is “big and strong.” (Um…yeah… perhaps you should stick to policy and not talk about the economy Ms. Rice. And learn this word; Re-cess-ion…)

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