Friday, October 03, 2008

What the hell are these people smoking?

One thing stands out about the plethora of conservative pundits extolling Gov. Palin’s performance during last night’s debate.

They didn’t come out this strongly after the presidential debate… and I chalk that up to the fact that Palin was NOT as good as advertised last night as she evaded answering some questions… she tried to use her “folksy” charm WAY too often and it didn’t work… and she couldn’t think off her feet nor go off the cards to save her life.

All of this makes these conservative comments about her performance even funnier…

Joe Lieberman, on Fox “News”: “She hit it out of the ballpark. She proved that she is ready to be John McCain's Vice President. She was strong, she was competent, she was informed, she was very genuine. She was humorous.” (What the hell was Joe watching? And smoking while watching?)

Andy McCarthy of National Review; “Palin's a star. Her instincts are practical and conservative, so I wish she weren't so bound to McCain. (McCain should wish that too — that's what's made her so popular and given him a shot.) Watching her is fun. It's like watching a rookie who's taken the league by storm and is hitting .290, and you just know that in two years, she'll be hitting .340 ... while Biden is hitting .210 and belongs back in Double A.” (Riiiiiiight…)

Pat Buchanan on MSNBC said that Palin “wiped the floor” with Joe Biden. (Again, like Lieberman; What the hell was Pat watching? And smoking while watching?)

Rudy Giuliani speaking to Fox "News" host Sean Hannity; "One of the very best debate performances I've ever seen by anyone. And only the liberal media could deny her this victory". (That...or a brain...)

McCain communications director Jill Hazelbaker; “Tonight, Governor Palin proved beyond any doubt that she is ready to lead as Vice President of the United States. She won this debate, putting Joe Biden on defense on energy, foreign policy, taxes and the definition of change. Governor Palin laid bare Barack Obama's record of voting to raise taxes, opposing the surge in Iraq, and proposing to meet unconditionally with the leaders of state sponsors of terror. The differences between the Obama-Biden ticket and the McCain-Palin ticket could not have been clearer. The American people saw stark contrasts in style and worldview. They saw Joe Biden, a Washington insider and a 36-year Senator, and Governor Palin, a Washington outsider and a maverick reformer. Governor Palin was direct, forceful and a breath of fresh air.”

Charles Krauthammer on Fox “News” praised Palin’s performance, but said “I wasn’t impressed by the depth of her answers or the breadth of her knowledge.” (Probably because she doesn’t have any knowledge Chuck)

Electing McCain, and thus making her a 72-year old heartbeat away from the presidency would be the biggest disaster to his the US in a very long time.

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen… Vote Obama.

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