Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Wednesday ‘BushWhack’ing

TBWA has never had a “fishing dispute” with Russia, is it fun?

  • The Fed is expected to announce new rate-cuts today… causing stocks worldwide to rally. Let’s hope it keeps up…
  • Sen. Obama is still stumping in swing-state Pennsylvania
  • Today’s “CNN Headline-that-makes-them-sound-like-Fox ‘News’” is “Will Obama’s lead in the polls last?
  • Today’s “Second-CNN Headline-that-makes-them-sound-like-Fox ‘News’” is “Obama Breaks Promise.” (Give me an effin break CNN… you keep sounding like Fox, people will start tuning you off like Fox…)
  • Sen. McCain’s attacks on Obama could have a adverse effect on his campaign with Undecideds and Independents… well duhhhhhhhh
  • Apparently some in the gop are ‘buzzing’ about the possible future roll of Gov. Palin should the McPalin ticket falter. This has the possibility to become a real battle royal as some conservatives seeing her as being a primary reason for the campaign faltering as others see her as a savior for the party. If this indeed becomes an intra-party battle, this could be a LOT of fun to watch…
  • Palin is taking center stage today on speech about energy and... and… and… sorry, I can’t stop laughing…
  • Who would have ever guessed that McCain hates unions and considers them a “threat to one of the fundamentals of democracy.”
  • The gop is taking aim at Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) and is spending party money, which is scarce, on defeating him… (Murtha has always been one of those Democrats I could have or not have… while I appreciate his stance against the war in Iraq, at times he opens his mouth and says things he shouldn’t…)
  • And have we mentioned? That two days after Election Day, top conservatives will gather to discuss the GOP and how best to revive the party? According to Politico, a “who’s who of conservative leaders” will meet at the Virginia weekend home of one of the party’s most prominent members to begin a conversation about how to breathe life into the party and, should they lose the White House, plans for 2012. (In the interest of not having Karma come back to bite me, or Liberals, on the ass next week, I refrain from any snark right now and will instead say; good… lu… luc… sigh… good luck… wow, that was hard to get out)

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Mike said...

Obama's campaign has energized people to care about presidential elections again. After 8 years of administrative ineptitude it feels like we finally have the opportunity to elect someone capable of original thought.

Then, we have the Republicans, who have run a particularly nasty campaign. This racist bullcrap I keep hearing at Palin's appearances is unbelievable. "Palin accuses Obama of ties to a second 'radical professor'" reads the CNN headline today; all I can do is shake my head in disbelief.

Considering that McCain doesn't even believe in basic human rights - as is evident by his track record when voting on abortion and gay marriage - I am left wondering why on Earth I should vote for him. Unfortunately, his campaign has not even attempted to give me this answer; the sole focus of his campaign has been smearing the opponent. I'm not impressed.