Friday, October 31, 2008

101 Reasons to Vote Against John McCain: 40-31

Told ya, here’s 40-31

#40: John McCain's running mate ripped off her taxpayers for personal gain. Sarah Palin billed the state of Alaska for 312 nights spent in her own home, for travel and meals.

#39: John McCain is calling a remark offensive - a remark which he once used himself. McCain used the "Lipstick" line - which has been used for years, Obama said nothing new - against Hillary Clinton during the primary race.

#38: John McCain voted against raising the minimum wage 19 times. While this last time around he did vote yes, why did he make the mistake of not helping working families 19 times?

#37: John McCain claims to be an agent of change. Barack Obama has been running as the "Change" candidate for almost 2 years. McCain has been in Washington politics for 26 years. How can McCain claim to be a change agent??

#36: John McCain helped create the economic mess we're in. By backing de-regulation for so many years and fighting for big corporations, John McCain helped destroy the American economy.

#35: John McCain Flip Flopped on AIG. John McCain was AGAINST the bailout of AIG BEFORE he was against it. After publicly saying that he didn't think AIG should be bailed out, less than 24 hours later, he called it a good decision.

#34: John McCain Knows Nothing About Spain. In an interview, McCain clearly didn't recognize the name of Zapatero, the Prime Minister of Spain. He also said Spain is in our hemisphere, and referred to "our friends in Central America."

#33: John McCain thinks he has oversight over the SEC. He said he would fire the SEC Chair...but he can't constitutionally do that.

#32: John McCain wants to deregulate the health insurance industry like they deregulated Wall Street. He is against universal health care, which would give health insurance companies much more power than they already have.
#31: John McCain is two-faced when it comes to lobbyists. He attacks Barack Obama for having ties to lobbyists. McCain's own campaign manager, Rick Davis, is a lobbyist - he was paid by Freddie Mac through August of this year!!!
We’re getting closer, tomorrow 30-21

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