Monday, March 17, 2008

Another poor schlub drinks the Bush Kool-Aid

We all know that Bush’s presidential library and museum is being planned at Southern Methodist University… and that a majority of the faculty and staff at the university are NOT happy about it.

Design firm PRD Group has been hired as the “interpretive planner” for the library and museum, and while the architect for the project said that there will be “no bombast or boredom” to Bush’s library, it’s the comments from the founder of PRD, Dan Murphy, that really shrieks of inanity as he had this to say about the task at hand;

“We’re not really just trying to put a front cover and back cover around eight years of a presidency. […] “We have a much bigger story about America and about the history of the presidency and about the American experience. … We’ve got a great, great, great story.”
Would you trust this firm?

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