Friday, March 07, 2008

Wow, I didn’t see THAT coming*

Not long after I saw the news of the NYC Army recruitment center bombing yesterday, I remarked that it won’t be long until a fear-mongering conservative tried to tie the bombing to the surveillance bill not getting re-approved.

This morning that bastion of conservative beliefs, Oliver North, appeared on Fox “News” (like he would appear anywhere else) and did just that.

I’m surprised it took them this long…

This morning North said the incident may have been prevented had the House, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), renewed the Protect America Act.

North; “Last month, of course, the U.S. House of Representatives under the direction of Nancy Pelosi went on vacation rather than voting on the Protect America Act, which provided for wiretapping of terrorists making phone calls into and out of the United States to foreign places. […] And I note that it would have been a lot easier, perhaps, to find out who did this, or even to know that they were planning it, had we been able to intercept those communications.”

Um… yeah… Ollie, your comments are nothing more than a sad and pathetic attempt to politicize a tragedy – but then again you’re a conservative and there’s nothing conservatives like better than politicizing a tragedy in order to give birth to fear and paint Liberals as being unable to protect Americans – and if you care to step into reality for a moment (I know the thought scares you), surveillance that began under the law would be able to continue, and new surveillance can be initiated by getting a warrant through the FISA court, even after the surveillance has begun.

Funny how Ollie “forgot” to mention that. He also forgot to mention that Senate gop leaders blocked another extension of the PAA last week (which I posted about earlier this week) and that some republicans are boycotting the negotiation meetings.

But, it’s Oliver North, and as we all know, he would rather incite fear and worry than speak the truth…

*Yes, that was sarcasm

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