Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Wednesday ‘BushWhack’ing

Mid week that saw the Democrats take a giant step backward and the republicans take a giant step forward… d’oh!

  • Sen. Clinton won the Rhode Island, Ohio and Texas primaries while Sen. Obama took Vermont and, as it looks now, the Texas caucus.
  • Sen. McCain swept all four states last night, gathering enough delegates to be the ‘official’ presumptive nominee and will meet with “President” Bush for his (snicker) endorsement.
  • Gov. Huckabee dropped out of the race while Ron Paul has been silent… I’m assuming that’s due to him not being able to pick up a clear TV signal on his tin-foil hat…
  • Believe it or not there ARE other things going on in the world of politics besides the presidential race… a town in Vermont, Brattlebro, voted yesterday to seek an indictment of “President” Bush and “Vice” President Cheney and to arrest them if they show up in town (Yeah… not sure what the actual point of this was, but any time I can see the words indictment, Bush and Cheney in the same sentence, the world makes a little more sense…)
  • Count Sen. McCain out of any plans to investigate the current White House occupants. McCain said yesterday that he doesn’t “agree with [the] sentiment that there has been widespread corruption” in this administration. His statements suggest to me, and anyone with a brain, that he wouldn’t support independent investigations into the administration’s activities if he won the presidency. (there ya go, one more reason to NOT vote for the man…)
  • Tensions are on the rise again over some of Bush’s crony, I mean judicial, nominations… and that has prompted Sen. Arlen Specter (r-PA) to take his eyes off of the NFL for a while and focus his attention elsewhere. Specter pointed out that during the last two years of President Clinton's term, the republican-controlled Senate confirmed 15 circuit nominees and 57 district court nominees and since the Democrats took over the Senate, Bush has been successful in confirming only 6.... (Well duh Arlen, that’s what happens when you have qualified and crony-less nominees, they get approved…)
  • And have we mentioned? That Senate conservatives plan to announce a package of harsh immigration bills today? The bills would not only require jail time for illegal immigrants caught crossing the border, it would also make it harder for them to open bank accounts and “compel them to communicate in English when dealing with federal agencies.” (How exactly do you ‘compel’ someone who doesn’t speak English to speak English?)

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