Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Isn't ignoring the public a republican trait?

Steve Grossman, a former DNC Chairman and Clinton supporter, as well as a super-delegate, sent out an open letter to Democratic Party Super Delegates this past weekend, and in it he urges these other super delegates to refuse “to be mindless tabulators of primaries and caucuses won, or popular votes amassed” because “our party concluded that we had demonstrated the ability to act as stewards of the national party--and of the national interest. By dint of our experience in the community and our public service, we were adjudged fit to fulfill a moral responsibility to act in the best interest of the country as we saw it…”

So let me understand this… he wants the super-delegates to IGNORE the will of the people and to IGNORE the primary results…

I wonder if he would think along these lines if his candidate was leading the delegate count?

I would vote no, but he would overrule it…

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