Friday, March 14, 2008

The Weekly Rewind

No further ado, here’s this week’s edition of The Weekly Rewind… there are 310 days left in the Bush presidency.

Applaud: to the House of Representatives for passing earlier this week an amendment to FISA by a vote of 213-197. While the legislation allows the courts to determine whether a lawsuit should or shouldn’t’ proceed, it does NOT provide retroactive immunity for telecoms, which is the reason that “President” Bush has already threatened to veto the bill… (but will then blame Democrats for supposedly putting the US at risk. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if he were so sure that its passage would ensure American’s safety, shouldn’t he be less worried about the telecoms??? Or am I using too much common sense?)

Heckle: to the not-surprising-considering-who-is-in-the-White-House-news that the U.S. government’s monthly budget deficit for February was $175.56 billion… which, again, is not-surprising-considering-who-is-in-the-White-House-news a record for any month... whoo-hoo, we’re number 1!

Applaud: to making it too damn easy sometimes. In an interview with PBS, “President” Bush was asked if OPEC increasing production would help bring oil, and thusly gas, prices down. His response; “You know, I don’t know. You’re going to have to ask the experts that. I’m just a simple president. But I really don’t know what it would do…” Ladies and Gentlemen: YOUR President of the United States… aren’t you proud?

Heckle: to Congress’ failure to override Bush’s veto crayon ban on waterboarding and other harsh interrogation techniques, with the final vote count being 225-188 with five republicans voting for the override and three Dems voting against the measure… to those 8 I say, based on your party affiliation, you’re doing it wrong...

Applaud: to more people waking up and smelling the toast burning; a new USA Today poll shows that 60% of Americans think the Iraq war was a mistake, with the same percentage favoring a timetable for troop withdrawal – regardless of the situation in Iraq. Additionally, the poll found that 54% think history will judge the war as mostly or a total failure. With this applaud percentage this high, it’s hard to imagine this…

Heckle: to the fact that a mere 28% of Americans don’t know that the number of U.S. troop deaths in Iraq is near 4,000, with according to. Nearly half put the tally far lower, near 3,000. As of today, the Department of Defense has confirmed the deaths of 3,973 U.S. soldiers. These are results from a recent Pew Research Center poll.

Applaud: to the news that a military-commissioned review of over 600,000 Iraqi documents, audio, and video records collected by U.S. forces since the March 2003 invasion has concluded that there is “no smoking gun” to support the Bush(whacked) Administration’s prewar claims that there was an “operational relationship” between Saddam Hussein and the al-Qaeda terrorist network and that Hussein

Heckle: to the MSM for not reporting the aforementioned story and allowing it to get buried by the unnecessary resignation of Eliot Spitzer!!!!!

Applaud: to House Democrats for unveiling earlier this week compromise legislation that withheld immunity for telecoms that cooperated with the Bush(whacked) Administration’s warrantless spying program. Heckle within the applaud as the bill would allow defendants in civil lawsuits to have the right to present classified evidence to the judge in such cases, without the plaintiffs being present... that seems fair, doesn’t it…

Heckle: to a lame attempt to circumvent the rules (no, I’m not talking about Florida or Michigan). Apparently republicans in the House are so intent on forcing through the Senate-approved surveillance bill that they’re trying to attach it to other bills, including an unrelated mental health parity bill (HR 1424). In a vain attempt to justify his logic (a term I use loosely) Rep. Peter Hoekstra (r-MI) said; “This bill is intended to ensure the mental health of Americans; yet, no American’s health can be fully secured if they are under attack by a terrorist or facing the potential threat of terrorist attack.” (Wow, fearmongering and subterfuge, all in the same statement, that’s quite a talent…)

Applaud: to news that the majority of Americans are not the only ones wanting a change in the White House. Turns out that many Iraqis are keeping an eye on the election as well as they look for any signs of policy change under a new president along with the prospect of U.S. troop withdrawals from their country. Auniversity professor from Basra said; “I do not care if the president is a man or a woman, what really matters is the change of American policy towards Iraq.” (Amen Sir, amen…)

Heckle: to cronies of the past coming back to haunt us. “President” Bush has appointed long-time crony Karen Hughes to the board of visitors at the West Point military academy. Hughes most recent White House post was Under Secretary of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, a position that asked to her “marginalize violent extremists” (I know, but they wouldn’t see the irony). She resigned last October… and now she’s back…

Applaud: to optimistic hope regarding the Senate Intelligence Committee, who is going to be releasing a “detailed critique” of the Bush(whacked) Administration’s claims in the buildup to the Iraq war. While the report “reaches a mixed verdict” on whether or not the White House “misused intelligence to make the case for war,” it does criticize White House officials for; “making assertions that failed to reflect disagreements or uncertainties in the underlying intelligence on Iraq.” (Excellent… let’s hope it reveals more. Stay tuned.)

Heckle: to news that provoked me to ask earlier this week; with that much conservative absurdity in one place, won’t the earth spin off its axis, the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis not only hired former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton as a “senior advisor” earlier this month it still employs Ken Starr… insert your own anti-conservative snark below…

Applaud: to Naval Training officer Marcus Perkins, who was in attendance last Friday when Vice President Cheney gave a graduation speech at the Great Lakes Naval Training base. The young officer, who has served five tours in Iraq, was not only unimpressed with Cheney’s speech, he told the Chicago Sun-Times; “It took him eight years to get here … at the end of his tenure. […] This was more like a pep rally. He could have sent an e-mail for that.” (Nicely said Mr. Perkins, well done. Too bad it will only fall on deaf ears at the White House)

Heckle: to the news that the US dollar “marked a milestone” in Japan earlier this week as it fell below 100 yen for the first time in 12 years… but there’s no recession coming, no, not at all…not a chance… the economy is perfectly strong… and if you believe that, you may want to take off your rose-colored glasses for a moment.

Applaud: to the House and Senate (how often do I have the chance to type that?) as they passed a $3 trillion spending plan earlier this week that increases spending on domestic programs such as education, health care, veterans benefits and new energy technology. Bonus: It also will cause Bush’s tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans to expire in two years… pwned!

Heckle: to a UN report that says that children in Iraq have been “more gravely affected by the U.S. occupation than any other segment of the population” with “at least two million Iraqi children” lacking adequate nutrition… but at least we found their WMD’s… oh wait… well, at least we severed al Qaeda’s Iraqi ties, oh yeah, we didn’t… yeah I got nothin…

Applaud: to Gen. David Petraeus (did I just write that? Oh my God I did…) He said earlier this week that Iraqi leaders have “failed to take advantage of a reduction in violence to make adequate progress toward resolving their political difference” and that “no one” in the U.S. and Iraqi governments feels Iraq’s leaders are making “sufficient progress.” (Now… let’s see if he says the same thing when he appears on Capitol Hill in a few weeks… my guess is something miraculous will happen and the Iraqi government will suddenly be on track for success… or something like that)

Heckle: to not seeing your hand before your face. Former AG John Ashcroft has been testifying about the multi-million dollar, no-bid contract the Justice Department awarded him last year, and said; “There is not a conflict; there is not an appearance of a conflict,” (Um. Not sure how to break this to you John, but if there was no ‘appearance’ of a conflict, you wouldn’t have been on Capitol Hill. Perhaps you should concentrate on your defense rather than make yourself look like an idiot… it’s just a thought…)

Applaud: to staff members at the NSA that have “expressed concerns that the agency may be overstepping its authority by veering into domestic surveillance.” It seems a handful of current and former intelligence officials are saying that the NSA “monitors huge volumes of records of domestic emails and Internet searches as well as bank transfers, credit-card transactions, travel and telephone records.” (Um… I LOVE the NSA… love ‘em, love ‘em, love ‘em. I gotta go…)

Heckle: to the media for speaking out of their collective asses. They continue to repeat the false claim that the Bush(whacked) Administration sought cooperation from telecoms to conduct domestic spying only after 9/11 when, in fact, the administration approached telecommunications carriers months before 9/11 actually occurred… but remember, the media is Liberal…

Heckle: to shady politics courtesy of, natch, a Bush appointee. Back in January, two political appointees at HUD swapped e-mails discussing how they could punish the director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority after they refused to transfer a $2 million public property to a business friend of Alphonso Jackson. Did I mention that Jackson is the US US Housing Secretary?? Yeah… and in February, Philadelphia Housing Authority director Carl Greene alleged that Jackson threatened retaliation against him for not transferring the property… (Can someone explain to me why the hell this man is still in his position and hasn’t been booted??? Anyone? Hello??? Do I hear crickets chirping??)

And this week’s conservative Tool of the Week is a conservative in Liberal’s clothing, and Sen. Clinton campaign staffer, Geraldine Ferraro. First it started with this statement; “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.” Then it continued with her absurd attempts to deflect her comment by her saying; “I really think they're attacking me because I'm white.” (NO, they’re attacking you because of something incredibly stupid that you said. If you believe what you said, fine, it’s your opinion. But when you are a campaign staffer, you don’t say it out loud and you certainly don’t attempt to make you the victim. Someone who has spent a LOT of their life in politics should know that) It’s that fact that provoked some people, myself included, to think that perhaps she was going senile. That went out the window after people started looking into some of her past comments and found that on April 15, 1988, she said about Rev. Jesse Jackson; “If Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race.” Since then, staggeringly, she couldn’t stop talking… she hit the media circuit and, mind-numbingly, appeared on Fox “News” and talked to Bill O'Reilly, who defended her. By the time she resigned her post in the Clinton campaign it was too late and her image is not only forever tarnished, but she’s also earned this week’s TOTW. Such a fall from grace for someone who once was admired by thousands of Liberals everywhere, including me, who didn’t know when to keep her mouth shut.

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