Friday, March 07, 2008

If it walks, talks and looks like a probably is!

In what should be a big eye opening concern for everyone, the Labor Department reports that job losses in February were the worst since March 2003. Watch for the 'Bush'-Whacked Administration to sweep this to the side and focus on the unemployment rate declining. They will tout this number while ignoring the fact that the drop is a purely statistical twist due to fewer people in the total workforce.

Another concern is that the RBC Cash Index reports that consumer confidence is at its lowest point in 6 years.

And hey, remember back in 2005 when a Republican Congress stuck it up the ass of the average American and changed the Bankruptcy laws?? Well guess what, personal bankruptcy filings are at the highest level since 2005!

add these on top of:

- Record Foreclosures

- Continuingly weak home sales

- Home Equity being upside down for the first time since 1945 !

Once again Mr. President, tell me how we are not in a recession?? Seems we need to redifine our view of what constitutes a recession.

Oh I forgot, the $600 to each taxpayer will cause the economy to surge ! yeah right....

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