Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It’s STILL the economy stupid

More than sixteen years since the phrase was coined, it’s turning out that it’s still the economy in this election cycle.

A new CNN/Opinion Research Poll shows that a majority of Americans are “very concerned”' about the rising rate of inflation, despite the news that the February CPI (Consumer Price Index) was a smidge less than the increase in January, though it’s still up 4% so far this year.

Of those polled, 65% reported to be “very concerned” about the rising rate in recent months, with 26% reporting they were “somewhat concerned.”

The poll also looked into the loss of employment, and those results reflect similar fears, with 59% of those polled saying they were “very concerned” about the loss of employment… news that comes after a two-month fall-off in.

Despite fears, the White House refuses to remove their rose-colored glasses and, while they acknowledge an “economic slowdown,” they say that help is on the way (the Fex cut interest rates again this afternoon) and that,in the long-run, the economy will be fine.

I wish I could believe that…

Regardless of what the White House or the polls say, and regardless of my opinion about a recession, it’s time for all three presidential candidates to realize that the economy is shaping up to be the deciding factor this election cycle… terrorism, national security, education and even the Iraq war are being put on the back burner while thousands of Americans worry about their homes, their jobs, their stocks and, in turn, their futures.

Perhaps the candidates should stop slinging mud at each other in an attempt to sully their opponents and instead talk about the issues.

Or is that merely a pipe-dream?

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