Monday, March 31, 2008

A Plea to Democrats

A few weeks back, Scott and I endorsed Sen. Barack Obama as our choice for the Democratic nomination, and since then, the two of us, and everyone else, have seen our party become fractured and, in turn, a little weak.

It’s time that we all get over this Obama-Clinton feud, a feud that has become far more divisive than it ever should have and has, at times, reduced intelligent, educated and decent people into something that resembles children fighting over a box of crayons.

The decision over our party’s nominee will eventually be made and that will be that; God-willing.

The arguing between each candidate’s supporters is rising to ridiculous proportions and that must stop… now… because a real fight is coming, and that fight is, of course, the fight to oust the republican party from the White House.

I still believe the Democrats will regain control of the presidency in November, but we need to stop wasting our time arguing amongst ourselves. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion and has their favorite… but what I am worried about are those Democrats that have their eyes on voting for John McCain, Ralph Nader or some other inconsequential schlub rather than their party’s nominee.

That talk needs to stop… Right. Now.

As an Obama supporter, the actions of Sen. Clinton have shocked me and have made me lose not only respect for her, but for former president Clinton as well. Having said that, if she were to get the nomination, I would vote for her in a heartbeat if it would mean keeping the gop out of the White House for at least four years.

Those that support Clinton have been shocked by the actions, or at times, inactions, of Sen. Obama. Having said that, a few Clinton supporters I’ve talked to have vowed to vote for him over McCain if he were to win the nomination.

What troubles me are those Obama and Clinton supporters that have said they would vote for someone else if the other gets the nomination…

Explain to me how that would help this nation?

The war in Iraq, the economy, healthcare, education, all of these and more have suffered greatly after 8 years of the Bush White House, and while I, personally, think Sen. Obama would offer more hope for this country, I am also confident that Sen. Clinton would be a huge boost to the nation as well.

Certainly more so than Sen. McBush would… all he would offer is four more years of Bush-like politics; ignoring the Constitution, supporting an unjust and deadly war, further pushing down the middle class and forcing us further into a recession.

So it is for that reason that TBWA endorses both candidates for the presidency.

Should Sen. Barack Obama win, we will offer our full-throated support for him to beat McCain in November.

Should Sen. Hillary Clinton win, we will offer our full-throated support for her to beat McCain in November.

All Democrats and Liberals should choose this option for any other choice, would be foolishly leaving the White House in republican hands for at least four more years.

And our nation can not handle that any more…

Stop the arguing, look further down the road and realize that the real fight is coming.

Unite as one party…

Support one party…

Vote, one party…

Our livelihoods depend on it…


Tim said...

Good show.

You might want to change the link in your marquee, though; it still goes to Barack Obama's site, and only his site.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that some of the fighting on the boards has been instigated by the GOP camp. Trolls run rampant through the blogosphere.