Friday, March 28, 2008

Karma, baby!

I believe in karma, especially in the world of politics and if you try to screw the people, Karma will eventually catch up to you and you'll get your comeuppance.

Well, it's finally happened...

Since the 2008 Presidential campaigns began, republicans have been changing their party affiliations in some states in order to throw a wrench into the Democrat's primary process, whether it is by way of pushing the stronger candidate out of the way so the lesser candidate – the candidate that the polls tell them will lose to their candidate – wins that state.

Hell, even Rush “OxyContin” Limbaugh told his followers to do it, and do it they did in Ohio, and now some, if not all, may face legal action.

Now travel south where approximately 9,000 people in Kentucky have switched their political affiliation since Jan. 1st so they could vote on the Democratic ticket.

And now? Now they're beginning to get a taste of their own disenfranchisement while realizing that their switch won't help their party one bit.

In what can easily be attributed to Karma, thousands of Kentuckians that have switched political party affiliation from republican to Democrat or Independent over the past three months – most likely in a vain attempt to sway the Democratic presidential primary – are finding themselves out of luck.

The state's Secretary of State, Trey Grayson, repeated this week that Kentucky law forbids people who switch parties after December 31st from voting in the presidential primary.


Greyson also said that he has been telling all election officials in the state to warn political groups and campaign workers that encouraging Republicans and Independents to switch to the Democratic Party will be of no benefit in the primary because they won't be able to vote.

Despite that, some 9,000 people have changed parties since January 1 and as a result have given up their right to vote.

Acting like true Republicans, I guess these people didn't fully think their plan through, huh?

Karma, baby!

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