Monday, March 03, 2008

Am I missing something?

A couple of weeks back the Bush(whacked) Administration refused to approve a 21-day extension of the Protect America Act (PAA). Ever since, “President” Bush and his merry band of cronies have been fear-mongering in order to force the House to pass the Senate-approved update of the PAA that includes retroactive immunity for telecoms.

One would think that Bush would move on to other things in his head (assuming there is something up there at all) but he hasn’t… in fact, this weekend he continued his fear-mongering and spewed forth crap about how “no renewal of…the Protect America Act is dangerous for the security of the country, just dangerous.

(BTW, a weekend that AGAIN saw him in Crawford – the 452nd day that Bush has spent at his ranch in Crawford, TX. This marks his 70th ranch visit as president, so Bush has blown President Ronald Reagan – one of the modern presidency’s most famous vacationers – and his record 335 days at his ranch out of the water, but I’m acting like Bush and veering off the subject at hand )

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if Bush and his peons truly believed that America is “open to attack” without the PAA, why wouldn’t they support a temporary extension and engage in negotiations of some sort?

Because they’re republicans that’s why… and they would much rather play with their dolls play politics than protect Americans…

See… I can fear-monger too.

Not all Democrats in Congress have folded like origami though as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has grown a pair and has challenged Bush and his gop clique to hold true to their rhetoric and he has introduced a bill aimed at extending the PAA for 30 days while negotiations between the House and Senate get under way.

Think about it… despite their fear-mongering claims that “America is at risk” without the PAA, the White House and congressional conservatives have been unwilling to take actions that would lead to its extension. And even though the House and Senate have been working since the passage of the Senate bill to reconcile difference between the two chambers, republicans have instructed their staff not to participate in these negotiations, effectively making them fruitless…

But republicans are the ones that care about the security of the country, remember?


Anonymous said...

The similarities are striking:

If you support the Democrats you are voting for tyranny at home in the form of erosion of our liberties and the creation of the "mommy"/ socialist state. If you support the Republicans you are supporting tyranny abroad in meddling foreign policies that inevitably will bring us into wars.

Take your pick.

Anonymous said...

will it ever end? the lies that flow from our own government to the people? It is to the point now where I dont belive a word that comes from the government I fought for. and it saddens me to think that their are brave men and women in harms way because of the lies we were led to belive. and that is the tip of the pervebial ice berg. a nightmare that dosen't ever go away. only the faces change. the lies never stop comming.