Friday, March 14, 2008

The Friday Presidential Race ‘BushWhack’ing

Note: this is a Spitzer-free zone.

Another week down in the 2008 presidential race with another… oh God, really?? That many weeks left? Oy...

  • There was a primary in Mississippi this past Tuesday, which Sen. Obama won. And, since CNN called the Texas caucus for him, he now has the lead in state delegates
  • It seems that this week was the week that the Obama campaign took the gloves off. Case in point, this past week Sen. Obama's campaign directly questioned whether Sen. Clinton is prepared to be commander in chief, a tactic she’s been aiming at him for some time. The part of this that makes it even better is that the memo was written by Greg Craig, a former Clinton administration official and current Obama adviser. (If you ask me, this has been a long time coming. Obama has tried to take the high road with Clinton, and each time was met with the venom of the NY Senator. If nothing else, this will give us an idea of how well he’ll manage against McCain and the republicans when he wins should he win the nomination… stay tuned.)
  • Regardless of your views on what she said, I think we can all agree that Geraldine Ferraro just needs to stop talking now
  • Nothing has been decided yet about Florida or Michigan. (Is it my imagination or is the state of Michigan acting way more mature regarding their votes than Florida?)
  • In the week that he was endorsed by him, gop candidate Sen. McCain went against the stance of “President” Bush and said at a townhall meeting in Atlanta that he believes America is “very likely” in a recession. Welcome to the self-evident fact that we kne—what’s that? He said later that same day that the US economy was strong? Oh God, he’s drinking Bush’s milkshake kool-aid, isn’t he? God help us… another one.
  • Ron Paul decided to stay in the race… but he’s still nuttier than a squirrel’s cheeks in October…
  • As if you needed more proof that it’s becoming more and more clear that a McCain presidency would be a de-facto third term for George Bush, the Politico reported earlier this week that several of Bush’s former advisers are now “informally advising” Sen. McCain, including Ken Mehlman and Karl Rove. According to McCain insiders, the list could grow with Dan Bartlett and Sara Taylor eager to provide Sen. McCain with any assistance and advice. (one more reason to not only vote against McCain, but to support whichever Democrat runs, Obama or Clinton. If not, we could be facing at least 4 more years of a Bush-like presidency…and really, who wants that?
  • Vice President Mitt Romney… at least that’s what George and Jeb Bush would prefer
    McCain still needs money, and lots of it…
  • Sen. Obama rejected Sen. Clinton’s offer of VP, and mentioned, like anyone with a brain would, that it’s interesting that the person in second place would offer the number two slot to the person in first place… perhaps Ms. Clinton’s campaign staff has been drinking the kool-aid of Bush’s campaign handlers, it would explain their overuse of fuzzy logic…
  • Sen. Clinton apologized to ‘black voters’ for the inane comments by Geraldine Ferraro… she then apologized for “President” Bush's lackluster response regarding Hurricane Katrina… which she had nothing to do with… but she still apologized. Yeah, can we say; pandering?
  • And have we mentioned? That “comedian” Sinbad is weighing in on the presidential race? Uh-huh… it seems her took a trip with then First-Lady Clinton to Bosnia in 1996. A trip that Ms. Clinton cites as an example of her foreign-policy experience, saying that she helped broker the deal that eventually brought peace to the region while risking her life. Not so fast says Sinbad, who says the trip’s primary goal was to provide some entertainment for U.S. troops. Sinbad also told WaPo’s Sleuth Blog that the the scariest part of the trip "was wondering where he'd eat next” and that the “only 'red-phone' moment was: 'Do we eat here or at the next place.’” (Uh-huh… I’m not sure which is more pitiable in this story, that she tried to pass off a trip like this as being more than it was… the fact that we’re paying attention to someone like Sinbad for political information, or that I’m posting it here… though in my defense, it DOES show the ridiculousness that this election cycle is approaching…)

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