Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When people smarter than you suggest something, listen!

I wrote yesterday in the ‘Daily’ that five former Secretaries of State (Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, Warren Christopher, James Baker and Henry Kissinger) favored the US talking to Iran as part of its strategy to force Iran to cease its nuclear weapons program.

I think more needs to be said on this because, not surprisingly, the traditional media is ignoring the story.

When five of the most intelligent and influential Secretaries of State from both Democratic AND republican cabinets say you should do something; by god you should do it.

Unfortunately, not only is the traditional media ignoring their advice, so is “President” Bush and “President” Bush: The Sequel (aka John McCain)…

And that’s shameful.

We’re not talking about Liberal or conservative pundits or bloggers or what have you, we’re talking about a group of people that led our nation’s foreign policy for a combined 16 years… that’s astounding, and it’s experience one should pay heed to.

While all five of them said they favored talking to Iran, it was Henry Kissinger that came out in full-throated favor of negotiating with Iran “without conditions.” And this is important, because the McCain camp supposedly talks to Kissinger about foreign policy, and if McCain is talking to Kissinger but still calling for an irresponsible course of action… something is wrong and proves that McCain is no longer the ‘maverick’ conservative he once was.

The Bush(whacked) Administration toes the line of ‘regime change or bust’ when speaking of Iran – which instantly brings about images of the disastrous Iraq boondoggle – and doesn’t want anything to do with Iran/US conversations.

McCain has not shown any grasp of understand or interest in finding out about Iranians, he would much rather appeal to the (mis)conceptions of average Americans and make bad jokes about bombing Iran.

So when speaking of regime change, it won’t be until the US sees a regime change that talks between the two nations develop… and since we know that won’t happen under a Bush: The Sequel regime, the only choice is Sen. Obama.

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