Friday, September 26, 2008

The Friday ‘BushWhack’ing

TBWA has been rescued before by JP Morgan Capt. Morgan..

  • “President” Bush said this morning “We are going to get a package passed” but I have my doubts… yesterday and last night I heard that there was a dealthen there wasn’tthen there wasthen there wasn’t… wake me when it’s over. Oh, and by the way; another one has bitten the dust as Washington Mutual has been bought by JP Morgan Chase… JP Morgan Chase needing bailout assistance in five, four, three…
  • There’s now a Plan B for tonight’s scheduled debate. The University of Mississippi’s Chancellor, Robert Khayat, is saying that if Sen. McCain doesn’t appear at tonight’s debate, it will turn into a Town Hall meeting for Sen. Obama where members of the audience will be able to submit questions to moderator Jim Lehrer….(While I still fail to grasp why we need a ‘plan b’ in the first place – McCain is posturing with this dog and pony show about wanting to help, especially when one considers that he hasn’t appeared on the Senate floor since this past March – but this alternate plan is good for two reasons; first, it could give Obama a chance to have the stage to himself and answer questions that the voters want to hear. Second, it could force McCain to appear, lest he give Obama a national stage all to himself… stay tuned)
  • Note to self: don’t piss off David Letterman
  • Alaskan Lawmakers are saying that the McCain campaign is interfering with the investigation into TrooperGate… (Wow, that’s hard to believe. Who would have ever suspected that that would have happened? I am shocked, shocked I say… it’s so hard to express sarcasm in the written form…)
  • And have we mentioned? That the chairman of the Bernalillo (New Mexico) County republican Party has resigned? Almost a week after he declared that “Hispanics consider themselves above blacks. They won’t vote for a black president” (which I blogged about HERE), Fernando C. de Baca has stepped down. Ever the republican putz, he claimed he said nothing wrong and instead was resigning because of the “media circus” that had unfolded.


Anonymous said...

Obama is gaining in the polls!
The jig is up for the republicans!
The great people of this country are sick of the lies and empty promises of the GOP!
MCcain is on TV right now talking in circles because he doesn't know what the hell he is doing anymore.
We need a change in November and Borack Obama is it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering when the Democrats are going to use Dick Chennys comments about West Virgina? It is a battle ground state, and the GOP is running fro reelection