Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well said Kos

Good advice from the man who knows, Markos Moulitsas Zúniga; “Now you see why panicking last week was so ridiculous? This race will turn on a dime. It's a good week for Obama, but nothing guarantees it will stay that way. So keep an even keel and don't lose sight of the big picture. It does no one any good to run around like chicken littles every time a bad poll shows up. And it's no good to prance around like this thing has been won this week, either. […] We've got what, six weeks to go? Remember that. Things will look good some days, less good others. But one day or one week won't make or break us. We're playing for November. Don't forget that.”Amen Markos, amen!

Remember what Scott and I have been saying; don’t let your guard down… don’t think the election’s won… politics is fluid and can change at any minute.

Keep hammering away at McCain and his lieskeep hammering away at Palin’s lieskeep hammering away at the gop’s lies.

Just keep hammering…


Anonymous said...

Are you folks THAT gullible by CNN's article???? What IS's CNN's "poll of polls"... The list of liberals they call when they need to try to make their candidate appear ahead? What list makes up these polls - and there is NO sampling error? ROFL,LMAO.
Yellow journalism is rampant at the libarel rags - but this takes the cake in hilarity that folks just believe in such nonsense.

Dan said...

Mccain is gaffing his way into senility... and Palin couldn't run a shoe business.

WHY HAS THIS COUNTRY DEGENERATED IN SUCH A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME!!!!??? Seriously, eight years made this country fricken stupid again. WTF!?

Kemp said...

Yeah anon.. what CNN article? I don't mention the Poll of Polls in this post.

Perhaps you should learn to read AND comprehend before spewing nonsense.

But since you're a republican, I guess that will never happen...