Friday, September 12, 2008

James Carville needs to STFU… NOW!

Are you kidding me???

James Carville on CNN; “And John McCain, deep down inside my heart, you know, as you know, I've said before I admire McCain. I don't believe he knew about it. I hope somebody asked him. But I refuse to believe that John McCain agreed to airing this spot. I know he says I'm John McCain, I paid for it but they have that in the can and they do it. It I don't think he knew about it. I really don't.

So let me get this straight… the McCain camp runs an attack ad aimed at Sen. Obama that essentially says he supports pedophiles and “Democratic Consultant” Carville lets McCain off the hook??? Give. Me. A break.

Carville wasn’t done fellating McCain though, he continued, “… I mean, my point is, I really don't think that senator McCain knows about this ad, and in my heart of hearts, I want to believe he's an absolutely furious about this and somebody's being called on the carpet because this ad is blatantly completely false.”

You really think that McCain doesn’t know what his campaign is doing??? That tells me one of three four things.

1. McCain is SO detached from his own campaign that he doesn’t know what’s going on behind the scenes… just the trait one wants in their president.

2. McCain is a senile old coot that barely knows what planet he’s on at any given time.

3. Carville is an idiot who is still smarting from Sen. Clinton’s loss so much that he’s joined his wife in hoping the republicans win in November so Ms. Clinton can take another shot at the Oval Office in 2012… in which case, Carville needs to shut the fuck up and take his creepy face elsewhere.

4. All of the Above

Scott’s 2-cents, which I happen to agree with:

With less than 8 weeks to go until Election Day, now is not the time for Carville to make all nice and spread sunshine… he needs to attack.

In the past, Carville has proven himself to be an effective campaign strategist and he knows better than anyone else that just because your favorite player isn't in the game doesn’t mean that you change the game plan.

It’s now the time to pick up the playbook and get back in the game… if not, then he needs to sit this one out, STFU and let someone else help coach the Dems to victory in November.

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