Monday, September 08, 2008

Hello!!!!!! She's lying!!!!!!!!

I’ve written about the lack of guile in the McCain’s campaign constant lying on behalf of Gov. Quayle Palin about the bridge to nowhere.

Well, now they’re getting even more brazen about the lie… they’ve put it in a goddamn campaign ad.

In the new ad the narrator says of the two that they’re “the original mavericks” and she “stopped the Bridge to Nowhere.”

Bull. Shit.

Despite the fact she campaigned in support of the bridge and repeatedly pushed Alaska’s congressional delegation to secure the funding for the bridge, she’s constantly moaning that she told Congress “thanks but no thanks” for bridge funding.

Liar, liar.

And despite this knowledge being known by thousands of people, the traditional media continues to fellate the McCain campaign and turn a blind eye.

Enough is enough.

She’s lying, and there’s proof… so where the hell is the outrage?

Where the hell are the calls for her to step down from the campaign?

Oh right, they only call for that when it’s a Democrat.

I weep for the future…

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Gray said...

I don't understand the [strikethrough]Quayle[end strikethrough] Palin use.

Heck, VP Quayle - accidentally, admittedly - provided some badly needed comic relief during the reign of King George the First but I've never thought of him as a liar and thief.

From what I've observed, thus far, about Governor Palin, an analogy with former Vice President Spiro Agnew would be much more accurate.

No honor, no shame; much like her running mate.