Wednesday, September 24, 2008

From the Desk of Scott and Kemp...

Political posturing at its best; “Republican presidential candidate John McCain announced today he is suspending his campaign to return to Washington and focus on the crisis facing the U.S. economy. He challenged Democratic rival Barack Obama to do the same. McCain also requested that Friday's presidential debate be postponed.”

Shrewd… he gets to show his narrow-minded lemming constituents that he’s “bipartisan” AND keep Gov. Palin from speaking without a script.

Sniff, sniff… smell that? It kind of smells like… desperation.


Eterna said...

This will give your candidate time to prepare his response to why someone making minimum wage that was allowed to borrow $200,000 to buy a home should be bailed out of his impending foreclosure...yet again why the land of the free and the home of the brave has become the land of the freeloader...

Anonymous said...

McCain's doing everything he can to avoid actually having a real debate with Obama.

I think that before we go out and hand out blank checks, we need to see if these companies are employing United States citizens, or if they are offshore outsourcing employees from countries such as India, the Philippines, thereby taking jobs away from Americans who must now work more than one low paying job just to make ends meet.

We shouldn't enable companies such as this.

Employing American citizens should be one of the requirements of any company seeking help from Congress in this matter.

Also, contrary to what the Administration's plan is, any action taken to bail out these companies should be open to any kind of scrutiny. As the current proposal is written, it would be forbidden for any kind of investigation of Paulson's decisions to be made.

That's mighty suspect, as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

the fundementals of our ecomany (ala Idiocracy the movie) are strong...nuf said

Anonymous said...

Bush was asleep at the wheel and NOW wants us to act urgently. PLEASE give me a break. McBush wants us to trust him to handle this - with his usual "deregulatory" gloves on (the ones he wore for the past 3 decades). I cannot believe how stupid they think we are. I'm sick of it. If $700 billion to bail out Wall Street is so important, Bush can go ask his rich friends and family to put up the !@#$ money, I'm not willing to do it without LOTS of oversight and a chance at profit.

Stop insulting us, you idiot Republicans. I can't take it anymore!!!

Kemp said...

Eterna, can I ask a question?

What the hell are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Eterna, yes, we've become the home of freeloaders--corporate freeloaders. When a teacher can't afford a home because Wall Street hustlers raise the costs of homes and interests so high that they're out of reach, should they give up on the American dream?

And why does anyone in the country trust Bush and his motives in the bailout of his cronies and supporters on Wall Street?


He's lied about everything, and we've become a Stepford Nation of sheep. Why? The whole "I'm a patriot, he's a patriot" cheesy, insincere "message" from Bush was intended to silence us into submission for fear of being accused of not loving our country.

Obama's the only candidate who has been speaking truths for the first time in years --so no coincidence the facade of these last 7 years has come crashing down.

I for one, was scared after 9/11 when two reporters were fired for criticizing Bush. Once the Constitution was threatened and no one squacked, we the people sat idly by and were entertained by Shock and Awe on national TV--as a city filled with children was bombed, Rumsfeld bragged. And we the people, never objected. Now there's a bailout proposal by Bush and he's once again scaring we the people into submission....let the economy blow up--otherwise we'll further be controlled by fear---and that's downright un-American

Dan said...

Bush is hijacking our economy to get Mccain elected with FEAR as the main tactic. We as the Middle Class people, the people who are supposedly "Thee Government" are supposed to somehow feel sorry that CEOs and other Bush cronies are not making billions and billions of dollars, so WE are the ones who have to bail them out!
It is becoming more and more clear everyday that passes by that Barack Obama is the only leader that this nation has left. The only leader who is the most accurate representation of the diversity that WE-ALL-TOGETHER share, in one person. It is the Republicans who are making Barack Obama look like a Messiah with every move they make.

Scott said...

Or it gives McBush time to prepare his response to why the CEO's of these failed or failing companies should get multi-million dollar golden parachutes. At least one has refused to take his...out of fear of public reprisal (or criminal investigation by the FBI) I'm sure.

Besides, the only way someone making minimum wage was getting a $200,000 mortgage was by high pressure bait and switch tactics by unscruptulous predatory lenders.

Bottom line, more like the home of the freeloader corporate executive.

Dr. Ted Baehr said...

Nowhere has anyone yet mentioned that this is probably Al Qua'aieda's doing. If we surrender now, we may avoid financial ruin. I, Dr. Ted Baehr of the Christian Film & Television Commission, will be the first to willingly surrended to Osama Bin Laden and hail him as our new leader.

We will have to change the name of our God, but at least the women and homos will be kept in check!