Friday, September 19, 2008

The Friday ‘BushWhack’ing


  • After a meeting last night with various members of Congress, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department, the federal government has plans to help banks dump bad mortgages (meaning that the government would take on tens of billions of dollars in mortgage assets) which Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson outlined this morning… more details as they emerge.
  • Sen. McCain announced his economic plan in Wisconsin today. What it boils down to is the McCain Administration (God is that gonna give me nightmares) will hire a band of psychics to predict when companies are about to go under… actually it would consist of a new government agency (cuz we definately need more of those) that would work with the private sector and federal regulators to identify institutions that are weak and fix them before they go broke. But doesn't my version sound better?
  • Sen. Obama has stuck back at McCain’s AIG attack ad yesterday which had attacked Obama’s lack of opinion on the AIG bailout. (I’m not going to be an apologist, but more so a ‘clarifier.’ It wasn’t so much a lack of opinion, as Obama said that he didn’t know enough of the “details” of the plan to offer up an opinion. ‘Cuz heaven forbid we get a Chief Executive who would wrap his head around a problem before spouting off about it. Eight years of that was more than enough…)
  • Another day, another republican getting off Scott Free… no charges will be filed against former Rep. Mark Foley for lurid messages that he had sent underage congressional pages. (Great message to send guys, dumbasses)
  • Speaking of which; Gov. Palin’s husband Todd has refused to testify in regards to TrooperGate
  • Who would have ever guessed there would be voter problems in a hotly contested election?
  • And have we mentioned? That Sen. McCain had another mental lapse this morning? That or he’s not very bright. While speaking about his economic plan this morning, McCain said; “That’s why I believe that the chairman of the FEC should resign and leave office and be replaced.” Um… I’m almost 100% certain he meant the head of the SEC, which is the Securities and Exchange Commission and NOT the FEC which is the Federal Election Commission and has very little (okay – absolutely nothing) to do with the current financial crisis…

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Anonymous said...

all had no problem taking credit for deregulation and the every expanding economy made possible by no one watching the store. Remember being told leave business alone, government is the problem and all those nice slogans.

Just funny that we can afford billions for bailouts but not for health care..

Oh, by the way who pushed for the Fed to ease up on banking regulation? Hint.. he has a miss america wannabe for a side kick