Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Wednesday ‘BushWhack’ing

TBWA is “done answering questions about TrooperGate”…

  • On the day that the FBI has finally gotten around to deciding on investigating AIG, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae for fraud Wall Street is skittish because Congress is debating the bailout and Warren Buffet has given Goldman Sachs a $5million investment…
  • Sen. Obama laid out his financial recovery plan yesterday , as did Sen. McCain. While both are uneasy with the power the bailout gives to Treasury Secretary Paulson, that’s where the similarities end. Obama’s plan calls to protect taxpayers. McCain’s plan looks to screw taxpayers with their pants on… again.
    The seals and surveillance equipment, installed by the International Atomic Energy Agency, that were covering North Korea’s nuclear plant have been removed… this should end well.
  • Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke before the United Nations General Assembly yesterday and gave an eloquent, well-thought out and coherent speech. Just kidding, he spewed more nonsense about the "American empire in the world is reaching the end of its road” while blaming “a few bullying powers” for creating the world's problems… (Does anyone outside of Iran actually listen to the anything this man says???)
  • Speaking of people that aren’t being listened to anymore… “President” Bush spoke at the same assembly yesterday and tried to reassure the UN that the US is taking quick action in order to stabilize the U.S., and thusly, the world economies. He also spoke about terrorism (it’s bad), praised the work of the U.N. and the Group of Eight economic powers and reasserted the “Bush Doctrine.” (too bad Gov. Palin wasn’t around to hear what that was…)
  • Liberals aren’t the only ones that are uneasy about the bailout; quite a few conservatives are as well. A group of House conservatives urged Congress yesterday to “take a breath” and consider other alternatives before passing the $700 billion bailout…
  • And have we mentioned? That we are oh-so-screwed? A new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that 91% of likely voters believe that the economy is “in bad shape” with 58% of those polled describing the economy as “poor” and 33% deeming it “not so good.” And if that news alone wasn’t enough, 51% of those polled say the economy is in a “serious long-term decline.” (but the Bush(whacked) Administration is on the case, so it’s alllll good… OMG, we’re all gonna die!)

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