Friday, September 19, 2008

And now, the Spanish Reaction

I wrote yesterday about McCain’s blunder or pander, regarding meeting with Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

While we all thought at the time that McCain was simply confused as to whom Zapatero was, his top foreign policy adviser said that McCain wasn’t confused but that he was spelling out his policy towards Spain.

As I also mentioned, ThinkProgress stated, and I at the time agreed, that if that were the case, then McCain would be carrying forth “President” Bush’s childish grudge against Zapatero for keeping a campaign promise and calling Spanish troops back from Iraq.

Well, according to MSNBC, the Spanish Embassy in D.C. agrees, releasing a statement that says; “The only plausible explanation for McCain not wanting to meet with Zapatero, is that, like Bush, he is still angry about Spain pulling its troops out of Iraq in 2004. If McCain carries that much of a grudge then how in the world will he rebuild our relationship with Europe, as he has said he would do.”

Well… I have a different opinion.

McCain was confused…and rather than admit their dotty old candidate was confused, they created this faux reason that McCain is upset with Mr. Zapatero because he withdrew the Spanish forces from Iraq.

Right now, no one in the gop (and everyone in the DNC) wants to connect Bush and McCain, so why would his foreign policy expert do just that by saying McCain’s response was due to his stance? He would have to know that people would put two and two together and realize it’s because they ‘snubbed’ Bush by recalling their troops.

Five months ago McCain said he would meet with Zapatero… and while I understand it’s McCain the Flip-Flopper we’re talking about, explain to me why he would suddenly change his stance about a country that has been a US ally for decades?


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