Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Tuesday ‘BushWhack’ing

Note to the Obama campaign, TBWA is available for any positions you may have available. And we’re cheap.

  • Happy Veteran’s Day to all… and from TBWA; THANK YOU!
  • More details are coming out about yesterday’s meeting between “President” Bush and President-elect Barack Obama. Not only did the two talk in the Oval Office for over an hour, Mr. Bush also showed Mr. Obama the Situation Room. In a statement, Obama-Biden transition spokesperson Stephanie Cutter said the two “had a productive and friendly meeting,” that include discussions about the importance of working together throughout the transition due to the nation current economic and security challenges… (Bush’s appearance to be so opening and inviting is throwing some people off – me included – but it also signals, I think, just how ready Bush is to be done with his presidency. Say what you will about him – I could say plenty – but you have to admit that his half-assed governing and the current US situation HAVE to be taking a toll on him…)
  • With a Democrat in the White House and a Democratic majority in both the House and Senate, the Dems are looking ahead to a very ambitious agenda in the coming years… stay tuned.
  • Speaking of “President” Bush, the latest CNN/Opinion Research Poll gives him a 76% disapproval rating and a 16% think the country is headed in the wrong direction… Ouch.
  • DNC Chairman Howard Dean will be stepping down from his position when his term ends this January. According to Sam Stein of Huffington Post, rumors are swirling that Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri will be his successor. (I, personally, think Ms. McCaskill can do better as a Senator where she’s forging some impressive ground. Having said that, I’m not sure who else would be a possibility)
  • Not only is Washington DC “abuzz” about the Obama’s, but tickets for his inauguration are going for $20,000 a pop
  • And have we mentioned? That Gov. Palin is biting the hands that feed her? After being thrown under the bus by the McCain campaign, she’s now throwing “President” Bush under the bus and blaming his record on the McCain campaign’s loss… (Yeah… while that is partially the reason, the ineptitude of the McCain campaign – such as choosing her as VP – contributed heavily to their loss as well. Ms. Palin’s ego continues to grow and should be massive by the time she joins Newt Gingrich on the 2012 ticket…)


doc said...

so far the only ambitious plan has been for obama to roll back every single pledge he made to get his nomination, and most of the campaign promises and hasnt had a day in office. lets take the war for instance, he pledged to bring home the troops at "any" cost, yet we find now that his plan is to continue the bush policy and keep a large presence there indefinately, lets then go to our civil liberties he promised to return, cant do that now cuz biden says were gonna be tested?.?.? what?? oh and cant tell us why....what??? nonsense how bout afghanistan?? not just bush plan but massive expansion of the bush plan..what im pretty pissed that obama lied like this to get my vote and cant get in office one day before breaking every trust and promise he made, except of course hes gonna need more of my pie to pay for it, yours too, when ya gonna tell the truth you been sold out

Kemp said...

Wow Doc, perhaps you should take a writing course, because I certainly can't make sense of what you're saying.

Considering that President-elect Obama is not yet CIC, he hasn't rolled-back any of his pledges... how about waiting until he takes office before spewing your inane conservative talking points.

Just a thought.