Monday, November 03, 2008

And finally…

In case you hadn’t heard, the bickering between Sen. McCain’s aides and Gov. Palin’s aides is continuing , with the Palin prank call acting as the latest catalyst.

From Newsweek;

“According to one participant, who declined to be named, aides went back and
forth venting their frustration. “Does anyone not think it’s strange that the
French president would want to talk to a candidate in the final 72 hours of the
campaign,” one senior McCain aide demanded, noting that the White House and the
National Security Council would likely be involved in any such phone calls.
“It’s appalling.” Bigger picture, the episode provides a glimpse at what have
been increased tensions between the McCain plane and the Palin plane in the
final weeks of the campaign.”

The bickering and name-calling has been building up for some time and, should McCain lose tomorrow, it’s almost guaranteed that McCain will throw Palin under the bus…

Stay tuned…

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