Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And the denials start…

Sen. Jim DeMint (r-SC) said about yesterday’s election; “Americans have again rejected the Democrat-lite strategy of higher spending and bigger government, and it’s time for Republicans to chart a new, more principled course. […] Democrats didn’t run on their true liberal agenda ... They ran against President Bush and congressional Republicans whose image was tarnished by scandals and broken promises.”

Um… okay?

Wasn’t one of the gop’s main talking points in this election that President-elect Obama was the Senate’s most Liberal Senator?? How exactly does THAT play into your quote there Jimmy?

And haven’t a plethora of exit polls shown that 51% of voters want their government to “do more”… which is a Liberal talking point.

Democrats kicked butt across the country not in spite of being Liberal on the issues, but because of it… because the issues that matter most to Liberals and the Democratic party are the ones that also matter most to the American people.

It’s the gop’s lack of understanding THAT, that helped propel Obama to his landslide victory… and if republicans want to continue living in their own world that only exists in their minds… let ‘em.

In the meantime, we’ll be governing and bringing this nation back to prominence, respect, and leadership.

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