Monday, November 03, 2008

101 Reasons to Vote Against John McCain: The Top 5!

#5: John McCain believes there is a vast 'left wing conspiracy.' He warns against a Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda...when it is CLEAR AS DAY that America is hungry for Change!

#4: John McCain has let his campaign spiral out of control. With Sarah Palin going rogue, and several Republicans preparing to meet on how to save the Republican you want someone running the country who can't even run their own campaign?

#3: John McCain is a grumpy old man. He whines, complains and groans like an old man on a porch, just a little too much for us.

#2: John McCain won't release records of a possibly serious car crash. The senator is covering up for a possibly deadly car crash. We don't know any facts about it, because there are no released records. How honest is that?

And now… NUMBER ONE!

#1: Voting against John McCain means you get to vote for Barack Obama. Visit his website for more information!

Learn them. Love them. Live them.

And tomorrow, when you go into that polling place and step into the booth… do the right thing, and Vote Obama.

Just in case you didn’t read that;



Lefty1129 said...

Tomorrow is our chance to make a difference and to pave the way for CHANGE. Stand up and be counted. Make an educated vote. If you don't vote, you don't get to whine. If you need an extraneous reason to vote-Starbucks is giving away coffee to everyone who votes

Lefty1129 said...

Here's the link from Starbucks: