Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Thursday ‘BushWhack’ing

TBWA is disappointed we didn’t get the COS post for VP-elect Joe Biden.

  • CNN asks; “Can the GOP win back Latino Voters?” No… no they can not.
  • Gov. Palin is proud of President-elect Obama and prays for him, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.
  • Former republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul wrote an Op-ed for CNN and says the “GOP should ask why U.S. is on the wrong track.” (While, at times, Paul seems to be nuttier than a squirrel’s cheeks in October, there are times when he hits the nail on the head. This is one of those times. Paul is an astute DC observer, and correctly bemoans the fact the republican party SHOULD have addressed their future in 2000 when they gained control of the White House, Senate and House AND should be asking where the nation is heading and not just their party… but they didn’t, and they aren’t… and now it’s all coming back to bite them on the ass. I have no doubt the party will, unfortunately, gain back some of its luster, I think it will take a while to not only agree on a party strategy – there’s already in-fighting about what course to take – but to convince voters to trust them again to do what is best for the nation and NOT themselves. In the meantime, it should make for some interesting theater)
  • The media continues to talk about the things that will shape President-elect Obama’s administration and presidential strategy… just kidding, they continue to report about what kind of dog the First Family should get… I weep for the traditional media.
  • Darfur activist John Prendergast and his organization ENOUGH are urging President-elect Obama to pay early attention to the crisis in Darfur
  • Just when you thought ACORN was out of the news-cycle, it makes a comeback after the Catholic Church cut funding for the organization due to “registration fraud complaints” and the fact the founder’s brother embezzled nearly $1 million dollars from the organization. (This story is not going to go away and when it’s all said and done, someone will be in jail I think…)
  • The Democratic Party’s fellating of Joe Lieberman continues…
  • After helping financial institutions afford luxury vacations for their executives, the Federal Government is now thinking about helping out the automotive industry
  • And have we mentioned? That Vice President-elect Joe Biden is scheduled to meet the dark prince today? Biden is slated to meet current VP Dick “President Darth” Cheney today at the Vice Presidential residence on the Naval Observatory grounds. Oh to be a fly on the wall for this meeting… remember, Biden once rightfully called Cheney “the most dangerous vice president we've had probably” in the history of the United States. While the Observatory would be Biden’s first home in DC, he’s commuted from Delaware throughout the course of his Senate career, I do have some advice to the VP-elect; first fumigate the place as you have no idea where Cheney’s been. Second, check the entire premises for recording and/or listening devices. Third, tear the place apart so you can find where Cheney hid the Bill of Rights…

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Anonymous said...

Bush needs to LEAVE, without screwing Obama before he gets into office. Phil