Monday, November 10, 2008

The Monday 'BushWhack'ing

Over the weekend:

  • Rumors started swirling that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich would be the republican’s savior in 2012… how I wrote this sentence without laughing my ass off is anyone’s guess…
  • Democrats are jockeying for Obama cabinet positions… rather obvious, isn’t it?
  • New York Times columnist David Brooks said the gop is in a “world of pain” right now and “it’s just a circular firing squad with everybody attacking each other and no coherent belief system, no leaders. […] You got half the party waiting for Sarah Palin to come rescue them. The other half waiting for Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana governor, to come rescue them. But no set of beliefs, really a decayed conservative infrastructure. It’s just a world of pain.” (Ouch… and did we mention Brooks is a conservative?)

It’s Monday…

  • President-elect Barack Obama (I never tire of writing that) will visit “President” Bush today in the White House. Bush is expected to discuss the economy, what to expect from life in the White House, and his collection of “Where’s Waldo” books…
  • Obama will most likely keep on a trio of Bush appointees to help “tackle the country’s most serious challenges.” The three; Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Adm. Michael Mullen and FBI director Robert Mueller, would most likely stay in their current position for at least the first year or two of an Obama administration. (Probably not a bad idea… but one that COULD blow up in his face. We’ll see…)
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Joe Lieberman can still help the Democratic party
  • And have we mentioned? That Brit Hume, formerly of Fox “News”, is not good? Speaking to the Miami Herald’s Glenn Garvin, Hume said that when people look back at Bush’s presidency, they’ll “be a lot kinder to this president than the current scribes are being. […] It’s really turned out to be a very consequential presidency.” Riiiight… but Hume wasn’t done when he added that Bush has put America on an “amazing” foreign policy path... (Um… okay. And what color is the sky in your world Brit?)

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