Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Weekly Rewind

After setting up a new home network at my finacee's house I am able to access the world wide web and sum up some of the things that are going on in this country and maybe one or two things that affect the world.

Applaud: to keeping things clean on our side of the fence. In response to a campaign mailer from the Clinton camp, Senator and Obama backer Ted Kennedy spoke out against the ad saying that the tactics are ones of "distortion, misrepresentation," and "fear-mongering." The Senator further stated that this type of ad is divisive and "I think it does a great disservice to all of us who are interested in universal comprehensive healthcare." Thank you Senator! The Democrats can and should point out differences in the others platforms, however those differences nust not be used as openings for the right side of the aisle to distort for political advantage come November.

Heckle: to changing the rules mid stream. As everyone knows the DNC stripped Florida and Michigan of their delegates as punishment for moving up their primaries. Now, in an act of desperation the Clinton campaign is trying to rally support behind their call to include those states delegates at the nominating convention. Whaaa, Whaaa, whats that sound? Yeah the Clinton staffers crying like babies.

Heckle: to speaking out of both sides of your mouth. For as much as Bill Clinton states that he wants to take a back seat in a Hillary Clinton campaign and administration, he sure keeps popping up and grabbing headlines. As a huge supporter of the former President, it pains me to say this...Mr. President it would be better for everyone if you took one or two steps back from your wifes campaign.

Heckle: to continuing distortion. In resposne to ad's criticizing the Obama camp for not agreeing to a Wisconsin debate, the Obama camp let loose with a new ad critical of Hillary Clinton for essentially being part of the machine politics that the Senator Obama is trying to change. After 18 debates, that's right....18 debates do we really need more? What is there left to say? Senator Clinton you need to focus on some real issues......

Heckle: to the Big Easy still being big time messed up. It's been roughly 2 1/2 years since Katrina ripped through New Orleans and the surrounding areas. So why is the lower ninth ward still one of the most depressing areas we can think of?? Because the Bush administration cannot follow through on promises. Once again, January 20, 2009 cannot come soon enough.

Heckle: to 100 years. In defending his statement on having a 100 year troop presence in Iraq, Senator John McCain clarified by stating that it would be no different than our bases in Japan, Germany and South Korea. I'm sorry the big difference is that we had real reasons for being in those countries in the first place.

Heckle: to yet more trouble for Hillary. In a sign of the closeness and varied feelings of this primary race, some super-delegates that were previously committed to Senator Clinton are reevaluating their support. Rep. Davis Scott has already switched his support to Senator Obama and Rep. John Lewis is considering switching. as are others. As we have said before, this is far from over and will continue to be a roller coaster.

Applaud: to winning hearts, minds, and union endorsements. Senator Obama this week picked up the endorsement of the United Food and Commerical Workers Union and the Service Employees InternationalUnion. Two very large and influential unions.

Okay folks that is it for me this week. My esteemed collegue has done an amazing job of gathering and summarizing most issues in his daily posts. I will have to be on my game next time.

Be good, stay informed.....later.

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