Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An Open Letter to Sen. John Edwards

Dear Sen. Edwards:

It’s time...

Before you dropped out of the race I was leaning towards you as my choice for the Democratic nominee… and after you graciously dropped out, I threw my support to Sen. Obama.

Over the last weeks you’ve met with both candidates, Sen. Obama (who is expected to get the Teamsters endoresement soon) and Sen. Clinton… and now it’s time to do your thing… either endorse one of them, or get completely off the stage.

So Mr. Edwards… what do you want to do?

I believe that you will have an important role in the next administration, regardless if Obama or Clinton wins… but it’s time to cede your moment in the spotlight and let your intentions be known.

You can offer no endorsement… which is a fair and reasonable thing to do, especially if you don’t think either candidate is viable or better than the other.

You can endorse Sen. Clinton… though some might view that, given the things you said about her during the campaign, as hypocritical. And would an endorsement for her really help her campaign right now?

Or, you can endorse Sen. Obama.

Some people believe that your endorsement would seal the deal for Obama… I don’t think that… as I don’t put much weight into endorsements. But it COULD propel him further, especially with some super-delegates that are still beholden and loyal to you.

And perhaps… just perhaps, it would spark something inside Ms. Clinton and she would, after she loses at least 2 more states on March 4th, drop out of the race. It’s farfetched, but a man can dream can’t he?

Whatever you choose to do Mr. Edwards, I pray that you do it soon as Sen. McCain is now gearing up for the general election rather than worry about the primaries and caucuses… Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee notwithstanding.

Thanks for listening…


Anonymous said...

I saw this artical on the internet today, and don't understand why the News media don't ask the hard questions, like. Should Obama ultimately become the Democratic nominee, Obama's credentials currently seem paper thin. A one-term senator from Illinois, he appears as inexperienced as he is telegenic. He talks of getting out of Iraq in his first term, but he has not explained how.

Does he realize that powerful interests such as the Israeli lobby, Saudi Arabia, and Big Oil may see a continuing American presence in Iraq in their interests and they are more than capable of thwarting the intent of an inexperienced first-term president?

To extricate more than 100,000 US troops from Iraq, Obama will have to get the US defense establishment in his corner. That's not an impossible task, but it won't be easy, given the Pentagon's traditional allegiance to Republican presidents.

Surely, if Obama becomes the Democratic nominee, not long after he becomes his party's candidate, a latter-day Connally is going to ask indignantly, "Who is this Barack Obama? What does he know about keeping the oil flowing in the Middle East? Does he understand that militant political Islam is waging an open-ended war against the West? What are his qualifications for dealing with China after the Olympics honeymoon ends? And how prepared is he to negotiate with disillusioned American allies as well as a resurging and belligerent Russia?"

Anonymous said...

Being a senator for a very long time isn't something either candidate can say. Hillary is only in her second term.
If you look at the records of Obama and Hillary, they both have been fighting for the greater good all of their college and career lives. The only reason Hillary is more experienced is because she is older. Should Obama have to wait until he's 60 before he can be President?

And based on previous Presidents: actors, newbies, Bush, we can see that being an expert in conductind dealings with overseas forces is not something one requires a Ph.D. in to get the job done.

Obama's plan to remove the troops from Iraq, unlike Hillary, is not to cut and run. He wants to withdraw them systematically, over time, in order to keep Iraq stable and reduce the chance of interference from Iran. I believe his plan will work better than Hillary's in this case.

Both Hillary & Obama support a lot of R&D to develop Green Power. Through the presidential term under a democrat, we will begin to lessen our dependence on war, making the need to keep "the oil flowing" less important. And there are things to consider in our own country that need to be addressed as well. No one is better suited to handle those issues than either of the two Democratic candidates.

Mel said...

Wisdom is more important than experience. The mess we are in was largely created by experienced folks who lack wisdom. I have read of Senator Obama's accomplishments since becoming a Senator as well as those prior to becoming a Senator, and they speak of one who
has enough experience. He will also
have experienced staff and advisors. The establishment is worried that he wants to re-establish the Government of the People, by the People for the People. We the People can lick, defeat any adversary,especially the rampant self-interest which is undermining the very principles which are the foundation of the Nation. Our greatest enemy is the
inability to change.Those who are
schooled in the old ways and have
lost their imagination cannot bring
change. We change or we perish.

Anonymous said...

Edwards is very smart ,he may very well save the democratic party.Like it or not Obama has a very serious Rezko problem about to blow up in court on march 3rd,just 11 days big?nobody knows except Rezko and U.S. attorney Pat Fitzgerald.If this is as big as the chicago sun says then Edwards support and delegates as well as super delegates will be needed to save the party.The brain washed people just ignore this.Its not going to go away its going to get worse in the next few weeks.It is deeper then just campaign money and shady real estate .there is the iraqi needing help getting a passport there is the kick backs from the teachers union.This is huge.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you supported Edwards at all. Edwards is a jerk. His claims to be for the 'people' are a joke. A real man would have graciously dropped out of the race after he announced his wife's cancer had returned and was terminal. He could have run again in 2012. But no, this pompous, egotistical moron decided to abandon his wife and children when they needed him most, and fed his overblown ego by going on the campaign trail. As far as his 'for the people' chant goes he just finished construction on a 30,000 sq ft. multi-million dollar, energy sucking house and his campaign headquarters was located in the most expensive part of Chapel Hill. Oh and let us not forget that $400 haircut, shades of Bill Clinton abound. Oh yeah this just screams I am for the people - he is so out of touch it is ridiculous. I am from NC and am VERY familiar with Edwards and from his record and actions he does not even begin to touch the idea of a decent man let alone a human being. I could not tolerate a man who cannot figure out his priorities in the office of President. Edwards holding the reins of this country in his hands - oh spare us all the agony.

Kemp said...

That's your opinion... but considering you didn't even have the fortitude to leave a name, I don't put much stock into your ranting.

Anonymous said...

Kemp - Everyone in here is posting an opinion. Personally I do not care if you place any 'fortitude' in my post or not. Furthermore others have posted under Anon in this blog but they agree that Edwards was a viable candidate. The only reason you chose to rant at me it because I do not agree with you - buck up - not everyone shares YOUR personal opinion - get over yourself.

Kemp said...

Not really Anon... I answered yours because you went after my opinion by saying "I cannot believe you supported Edwards at all." Everyone is entitled to their opinion... regardless of whom they support. But when you question my opinions, I will answer them.

Anonymous said...

Edwards, in my opinion, was never a viable candidate. But, that aside point taken - although I think you would have been better off backing Obama to begin with(not being insulting - just laughing and not at you - just with you).