Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Thursday ‘BushWhack’ing

  • Conservative stalwart William F. Buckley died yesterday. While I obviously didn't agree with much he ever said or wrote, he was leagues better than the hate-spewing Limbaugh-Fox-Coulter-Cunningham types that pass for “conservative commentators” nowadays. Scott and I, always ones to practice tolerance for those we disagree with, will miss his greatness – despite the side of the aisle he played on.
  • Your candidate update for the day: Obama is still in… Clinton is still in… McCain is still in… Huckabee is, more or less, still in…
  • New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg won’t seek the presidency
  • Even before either has the ‘official’ party nomination, Sens. Obama and McCain are sniping at each other regarding Iraq and al Qaeda, with McCain saying that al Qaeda was in Iraq before the war… (um, according to EVERY agency in the world, US included, they weren’t in Iraq until AFTER the US invaded… so perhaps Mr. McCain should stop using the White House-provided rose-colored Iraq glasses and, I don’t know, use his own brain)
  • Ooooo, scary – conservative talk radio hosts are pissed at McCain. This… is why I am going to miss Buckley, with the current crop of conservative moderators we have to live with, his intelligence and way with words will be missed
  • “President” Bush held a news conference this morning in which he urged Congress to pass his terrorist surveillance bill… Congress, realizing he’s a lame-duck, seems resolved to not fold like origami this time… at least not yet, so stay tuned.
  • Having cleaned-up everything else on their plates, Congress is planning on requesting a federal probe on the testimony of Roger Clemens… (Good use of your time guys, the American people would much rather see you look into this then, I don’t know, look into AttorneyGate, EmailGate, ethics reform, FISA and the myriad of other things you COULD be investigating… besides, the train for investigating steroids in baseball left the station a LONG, LONG time ago…)
  • And have we mentioned? That if he is elected president (NOOOOOOOOO!!!) Sen. McCain would the first president born outside the 50 states? It’s true as McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone where is Dad was stationed. Some people want McCain’s candidacy to revive the debate about citizenship and the presidency… and he’s not the only candidate to have been touched by this, as Mitt Romney’s father, GEORGE, was allowed to run for the presidency in 1968 despite being born in Mexico. (Two words: President Schwarzenegger)

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