Monday, February 04, 2008

The Monday ‘BushWhack’ing

It’s Monday… another day, another week…

  • Psst, in case you haven’t heard; tomorrow is Super Tuesday… and Fat Tuesday… so it’s Super Fat Tuesday. If you are one of the hordes that live in one of tomorrow’s primary states, and regardless of whom you are going to vote for – Democrat, republican, Green, Libertarian – just make sure YOU VOTE!
  • "President” Bush introduced a $3.1 trillion budget today… a new record. Again, aren’t republicans supposed to be about fiscal discipline? Apparently he missed that memo…
  • Maria Shriver endorsed Sen. Obama this past weekend, even though her husband, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a republican, endorsed Sen. McCain… think there was an abrupt conversation in the Schwarzenegger household yesterday?
  • What if you held a caucus and no one cared? That’s what Mitt Romney is facing as he won Saturday’s Maine caucus and… ah who cares…
  • Example of a sound-bite that can get someone in trouble if others don’t know the context; “…white women are a problem.” This was spoken by Fox “News” Bill Kristol yesterday while discussing Sen. Clinton as Veep... (I, personally, am waiting to hear how he spins this... though saying; “I’m an idiot” might be his best bet…)
  • Speaking of Obama… Sen. Clinton is seeing a monstrous loss of ground to him in a national CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll as the two have pulled into a statistical dead heat on the eve of Super Fat Tuesday. And in interest of disclosure, the CNN poll is consistent with other national polls that have been taken in the last few days Gallup, Pew, ABC and CBS. The race is getting interesting, and I doubt that it’s going to be decided tomorrow, so stay tuned.
  • A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that 60% of Americans “think the economy’s already in a recession” while “two-thirds doubt” that the government’s economic stimulus package will “soften the blow,” To give you a better idea of just how dire people are viewing this, 81% of those polled believe the economy is “in bad shape”… (How long have I been saying that the economy has been circling the drain??? And I got constant comments from conservative trolls arguing that I was wrong… well, who’s wrong now lemming?)
  • And have we mentioned? that the September 11 commission's executive director had closer ties with the White House than previously had been disclosed? Shocking, isn’t it?

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