Monday, February 18, 2008

The Monday ‘BushWhack’ing

Another day, another start of a week, another week (of many, many more) of presidential campaigning…

  • Super-delegates are still the hot topic between the campaigns of Sens. Obama and Clinton. Obama said of them this past weekend; “'Superdelegates' doesn't mean that they should leap over the will of the people in a single bound,” while Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson told CBS that those approximately 800 delegates “are supposed to vote their conscience.” (This is becoming more and more of a clusterfuck, and if it continues to the convention, look for a serious backlash against the Democratic party from Democratic voters)
  • Obama met with former candidate John Edwards over the weekend… I still like the idea of an Obama/Edwards ticket (though honestly I think an Edwards/Obama ticket would have been stronger)
  • “President” Bush and First Lady Laura Bush are in Africa where they were focusing on a low-tech way to protect children… giving pregnant women at the clinic vouchers that they can trade for mosquito nets to protect their newborns from malaria… (There’s a joke in there somewhere about Bush and low-tech, but it IS a good idea and should help ebb the spread of malaria in newborns. So I won’t snark on it now)
  • Before Bush handed out the mosquito netting, he decided to do a little fear-mongering and said Friday that the United States is in “more danger of attack” because Congress failed to extend legislation on domestic wiretapping laws… (again, I want proof that this has worked. Not one person being caught who was a suspected terrorist, but a situation where the wiretapping actually stopped a terrorist act from being carried out. Show us that, and maybe we Liberals would be a little more in-favor of having parts of our Constitution destroyed. But until we see proof, stop the damn fear-mongering – it’s not helping ANYONE)
  • The republican party is pressuring Mike Huckabee to abandon his campaign… but he won’t hear of it.
  • Another example of some crack reporting by CNN: “Life on the stump is a grind for candidates” (Wait, let me get this straight… being away from home and family, flying/driving from city to city and state to state while barely sleeping and eating on the run is ‘a grind’? How about that, I never would have suspected that… oh wait, what I meant to say was; well duhhhhhhhhh)
  • And have we mentioned? That “President” Bush is not only a conservative tool but also a rather un-emotional stump… or ‘shrub’ if you will? During a recent interview with the BBC, Bush was asked if he would “applaud” Steven Speilberg’s recent decision to withdraw as artistic director of the Beijing Olympics because China is not doing enough to pressure Sudan to end the genocide in Darfur. Said Bush; “That’s up to him. […] I’m going to the Olympics. I view the Olympics as a sporting event.” (Okay… there’s a measure of truth in that, though we as a nation boycotted the Olympics in 1980 when they were in the USSR, would Bush have still sent our athletes to THAT ‘sporting event’… I doubt it.) But Bush wasn’t done being a putz, as he continued and said; “I mean, you got the Dalai Lama crowd. You’ve got global warming folks. You’ve got, you know, Darfur. I am not gonna you know, go and use the Olympics as an opportunity to express my opinions to the Chinese people in a public way.” (Yeah… cuz that would take conviction and a brain…January 20, 2009 can NOT come soon enough…)

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