Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Tuesday ‘BushWhack’ing

  • FidelCastro has resigned as "President" of Cuba... I’ll have two Cuban cigars tonight to celebrate. Um, I mean I would have 2 Cuban cigars tonight to celebrate if, you know, I could purchase Cuban cigars here in the US... which I can’t because it’s illegal... and to have them would be against the law... um... uh... wow, look over there! Now, since this announcement came from state-run Cuban media, I would not be surprised that this news that he's retiring as president is a precursor to an announcement that he's died...so stay tuned.
  • MoreDemocratic primaries today in Wisconsin and Hawaii…
  • According to a survey conducted by Foreign Policy magazine and the Center for a New American Security, 9 out of 10 current and former military officers say the Iraq war has stretched the military “dangerously thin while 60% of the 3,400 officers polled also said that the US military is weaker today than five years ago… but we already knew that… and yet the administration continues to ignore it…
  • Bush 41 not only endorsed McCain this week (which was met with an unenthusiastic ‘meh’), but he’s also saying that the attacks on McCain’s records from fellow conservatives were “absurd.” (Uh-huh. Bush 41’s stock rose with his and President Clinton’s work for the Tsunami victims, but one truly has to wonder if his defense of McCain is being met with anything but disinterest…
  • The Clinton/Obama SuperDelegate Battle is waging
  • The Supreme Court has rejected a challenge brought forth by the ACLU to the Bush(whacked) Administration’s domestic spying program. In their rejection, the court gave “no comment explaining why they turned down the appeal.” (Well, what do you know… looks as though those two justices that Bush nominated to the court that were approved by a knock-over Congress with Democrats that had no balls just paid off. Hope all the Dems that voted to confirm the two feel good… they just handed the administration a victory. Way to go…)
  • And have we mentioned? That former AG Alberto Gonzales has apparently lost his grip on reality? In advance of a speech he will give today at Washington University he answered a few questions from the school’s student paper, saying; “I take comfort in the fact that I have always told the truth, worked hard as my father did, stayed true to my values by doing my best, and having stepped into the arena, I have served my country.” (Uh-huh… so tell me, what color is the sky in your world Alberto? Rose-colored? Gonzales was one of the most dishonest, distrustful AG’s to ever hold the position – which is quite a feat considering who he replaced – and for him to even have the audacity to claim he always told the truth when it’s clear that he rarely told the truth is an insult to every citizen in this country… and I hope he gets his comeuppance soon…)

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